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    Ben Levi

    Looking to stock my freezer with nutritious and delicious food that I can pull out in a pinch. When I say healthy I dont mean alfalfa sprouts and tofu, just go easy on the frying and oil, and no margarine! Any recipes and ideas of good freezables are greatly appreciated!

    Mrs. Ben-Levi


    Most people I know freeze large containers of soup. If you freeze your chicken soup in ice cube trays or small containers, if you need a single serving for someone who is sick, it defrosts much quicker.


    freezables: (if it’s not in a tightly sealed plastic container, you should double wrap it…)

    unbaked breaded shnitzel – you can bake it after it partly defrosts.

    meatballs / chicken balls

    kneidelach/matzo balls (cooked or raw – i freeze mine cooked)

    marinated chicken cutlets

    stuffed cabbage (or mock stuffed cabbage, which is layered like lasagna instead of rolled)

    lagmajine (you can make it whole wheat)



    quiche (slice before freezing)

    ratatouille / zucchini

    that’s all i can think of for now…

    Ben Levi

    Thanks for the ideas.

    Smart Cookie I’m looking for both. Cabbage and noodles sounds good.

    anonwriter – can you give recipes for quiche and ratatouille / zucchini and stuffed cabbage?

    haifagirl – I currently freeze chicken soup, know any specific soup recipes that freeze well? When I tried mushroom barley, the mushrooms got all rubbery. Now I blend it first.

    Also, any muffin recipes for breakfast on the go that freeze well?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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