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    So in advance for either sem (still haven’t even come close to deciding…) or whenever I’m lucky enough to go to Israel, I’ve decided to improve my Hebrew by reading Hebrew language books.


    So I started one of the Harry Potter books that I randomly came across (the annoying part being that I couldn’t tell the difference between an annoying Hebrew word and a complicated spell) and I couldn’t finish it (as I hate Harry Potter, anyway), and then I found another Hebrew book and it’s too hard.

    My question is, anyone have any ideas for a) how to find relatively beginner Hebrew novels/Hebrew translations of English novels and b) any suggestions of which to start with once I’ve found them?



    LOL, HP was the first book I ever read in Hebrew. 🙂 It’s very hard, but most of the hard words are English, and the grammar is complicated. I don’t think it’s a good first book.

    If it was cleaner, I would say “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. It’s geared to children and very entertaining, but you’ll learn a lot of not so clean modern Hebrew along the way.

    The best Hebrew book I ever read was Rabbi Lau’s autobiography, ?? ???? ??? ?? ????. Now that it’s available in English it may be harder to resist cheating, but it’s easy and compelling reading.

    If you’re even considering reading Hebrew books, you will do fine in Israel.


    How about Dr. Seuss books?


    the teireh?


    Popa: The Teireh is not in Hebrew, it is Lashon HaKodesh.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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