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    be”H I’m taking a trip with my wife to Eretz Yisro’el this winter and I wanted to know information about good, kosher (not just food kosher, but content kosher) tours in Eretz Yisro’el of Yerushalayim and abroad. Preferably I would want a tour that would leave from Yerushalayim, but if anyone has any information (websites, phone numbers) of tour groups and tour guides in Eretz Yisro’el, that would be greatly appreciated.


    i’ve been on many Hoffman Tours. They take you to all kind of places. Details:

    Office: 1 Yona St. Geula, Jerusalem | Phone: +972-2-538-9003 | Fax: +972-2-537-5393 | Email: [email protected] (i checked their website)



    KanoiTours, a division of Ku Klutz Kartel International, arranges for tours to the real Falastin, the parts of E”Y which are left untouched by the Zionist invaders. I toured Ramallah, Khan Yunis, the Kasbah in Shechem, and Dehaishe with this great company but the best was when their tour guide Yoshkele Krauss took me to watch how Moishe Hirsch left from his home in Mea Sheorim to the Oihel Soroh shul three minutes away. The great tzaddik, one of the eighty upon whom the generation most certainly falls, wandered all the way from his home to Batei Ungarin in circles waving a Balastini flag for three full hours until he actually returned to his home saying that even Oihel Soroh had fallen to the Tzioinim, or was it that he had fallen on the steps and hit his head.

    In any case a KanoiTour is not to be missed. Ask any cop who Yoishkele Krauss is and where to find him (in prison or out burning trash cans). They accept only EUROS, Jordanian dinars and Section 8 vouchers.

    1st timer

    Simcha Hochman (I think that’s his name, or Hochbaum) has exellent tours to Kever Rochel & Chevron. I think (again) that the website is Hebrontours.com. He also does a walking tour of the Chomos Yerushalayim.


    There is someone Paysach Levy who does tours, I think of mikomos hakidoshim, but I’m not sure. They’re supposed to be very good. He has a few DVDs of the tours available in seforim stores. I’m sure theres some contact info there and if not try the jewish phone book. Good luck and enjoy!




    Well done!!

    Did Horav Hagoon Mo Hirsh take you to be mispallel at Kever Yasser, who was his dear friend and mentor? Next time you speak to him eye to eye, make sure that he doesn’t detect any acidity in your words.


    A600KiloBear: ouch my stomach hurts from laughing so hard!

    i’ve done Hoffman & a Simcha Hochman tour-lead by Yossi Baumen tours! great tours they do of chevron, kever rochel, mearos hamachpaila, lunch at the chevron pizza shop…& more in chevron! i’ve also done private tours through private drivers that do tours of different parts of E”Y! & check the Hoffman tours website to see the schedules of tours that they do! and if you can, best is to call a day or so in advance to book your tour reservations! otherwise the tour might be full and not have room for you the day you want it! enjoy your visit in E”Y!


    I’m not sure how one would go about doing this, but I know a girl who met a few single girls and spent one day going to different gedolim to get brachos. They paid a driver about $300 for the day and got into 6, 7 gedolim.



    In the old days, when girls wanted to shop around, they would split a cab and hit all the stores in the neighborhood. Then they came up with malls, which made shopping a one stop adventure. Maybe they can do the same with gedolim.

    Mod’s note: squeak was using sarcasm to make a point.


    If you are looking for inexpensive, do things the Israeli way. Look for posters by the bus stops and posted on the walls of Yerushalayim. You can easily ask a passer-by what they think and if they have more info. You’d be surprised at how helpful people by the bus stop can be – it is E”Y, after all.

    Also, Egged should be your #1 contact. Figure out where you want to go and call Egged to find out the bus schedule. For example, Yam HaMelach, Matzada and Ein Gedi are all part of one bus route and you do not need a special tour in order to go to all three. You just have to be on top of the timing because there aren’t that many cars with which you can hitch back to Yerushalayim.

    Heimishe Tours will take you where you want to go for 1/3 of the price of Hoffman’s/Artzeinu, but – and you have to weigh this, they will not give you a tour of the place or any extra guidance as to the history and importance of the place. For example, I went up north with them because I didn’t feel the need to know all the background of Amuka, R’ Meir Baal Hanes, Meiron, etc. Anyway, Heimishe Tours leaves from 11 Yechezkel (Geula area – by B’zaar Strauss/ Discount Bank) and they have the regular days of what is when.

    Another amazing experience, is the 5-9 Kever Rochel and Ma’aras HaMachpeila tour on Friday morning. This, again, is not a tour in the sense of providing extra background knowledge, but it takes you where you want to go. It leaves from Har Nof – Shaulzon, by the bus stop across from Yesh – the shopping center.

    Other than those, I highly suggest the tunnel tours and a good Old City tour including Kever David.

    For Gedolim and other places to see and be, just open a phone book once you are there. Believe it or not, there are sections for everything in those phone books and they are quite helpful. Make sure to call before trying any Gedolim, many have very specific schedules and all of Klal Yisrael needs Yeshuos.

    Just make sure throughout the trip that your phone is charged and that you keep it far from water.

    Have a great trip and enjoy every minute of Avira D’Yisrael!


    kapusta: i’ve heard from my sisters that very few Gedolim see ladies/girls! pretty cool they managed to see that many Gedolim in one day!


    just found this thread- I just came back from a 2 week trip to Israel (amazing!!!) and what was really helpful in planning my itinerary was a site called israelataclick.com (a.k.a. koogle.co.il). You can find tons of info on a lot of different things, including tours there.


    FunnyBunny: welcome back from Israel!

    you got it

    I’m taking a trip with my husband this summer, IY’H. Does anybody know about the drivers that take you from Gadol to Gadol and they do all the appointment making for you and so on… If anybody has any info on this I would truly appreciate your help.


    “you got it”, “squeak” answered your question 8 months ago. See above.

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