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    Thanks for remembering 🙂 I listened to 3 of them so far…there’s no words…it was driving me insane

    You didn’t say you needed words. That’s bit tougher. Give me a couple days.


    Beethoven’s 9th symphony has words. Pavorotti sings with words, if you know English, German, Italian, Russian and French.


    Reading through this thread, it seems that many here think that as a goyish long as song is “clean” (ie, it has no profanity or adult themes) there is nothing wrong with listening to it. I’d like to dispute that.

    Just as words are the language of the mind, music is language of the soul. Words transmit the author’s thoughts and ideas; music transmits the writer’s attitudes and raw emotions. Words make you think; music makes you feel.

    Therefore, just as we should not read words that convey un-Torahdic thoughts, we should not listen to music that conveys un-Torahdic emotions and attitudes. And I think that many, if not most of the “clean” goyish songs have attitudes (be it towards romance, how to treat others, or just attitude towards life in general) that a Torah-true Jew should not have. Therefore we should not listen to these songs, or we may become infected with ideals and attitudes completely foreign to the Torah-true Jew we should all strive to become.


    haifagirl – thanks 🙂 I’ll be waiting


    First of all, try stuff by the Three Tenors. I haven’t had time lately to look into this more thoroughly.

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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