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    bnei Yisroel Areivim Ze Lazeh!!!!

    There is a 17 year old frum girl from Sharon ,Mass. who is one of 5 runner ups for a Wells Fargo contest.

    She created and is the editor of Yalda, a magazine for frum girls.

    Whoever wins the contest will get $100,000 to spend on their project.

    The finalist with the most votes wins!! Du! THE CONTEST IS OVER NOV. 10th!!!!

    She is in a very tight race with one other finalist.


    We should all try to help her win this money

    1) Click on the link. This girl is named Leah, though it is under her Mother’s name, Evelyn. (possibly because Leah is 17?)

    2) You have to create your own made up Username that is not yet used by someone else. (Don’t be surprised to see that the typical Jewish names are taken, Yaakov, Sora…etc..just make up a name )

    3) You also have to create your own password.

    4) Your e-mail address HAS to be a real one, though we did not see any problem with that, as they do not ask you to buy anything, or join anything, or try free offers etc.

    5) You are allowed one vote per e-mail address.

    6) After you have signed in, you then click the name Evelyn from Mass. to view her story, and vote for her.

    7) They also want you to vote for a “cause”, and they explain them as well, if one is interested….


    Below is the link!

    Let’s hope she wins!!

    Thanks everyone!!!

    Please try to forward this e-mail on to as many people as possible!


    she is currently winning by less than 250 votes. it takes less than a minute to do.

    Participant is a good source for email addresses


    I dont think its right to flood the site with votes from a bunch of different email address when you are the same person doing the voting. If they see too much of that, you might get her disqualified and thats not helping her at all. They will see all these different emails voting from the same ip address.


    I think the email address comment was probably addressed toward people who just don’t want to give their personal email address to a website, which is understandable.

    I doubt that anyone here would fraudulently vote more than once (or so I hope).


    Cmon- she is now in second place- keep bringing in the votes!


    Thanks, illini. That’s exactly what I meant. For that, you deserve to have had your candidate win.


    What #5 means is the following. If you have ten people in your house and everyone has an e-mail address, then you can vote once for every e-mail address that you have. It is not one per household, rather one per person….if one wants to do it right.


    if anyone wants the story if full-it was on the front page of ywn on thursday and that got her a ton of votes—so e/o go read that then go vote for her shes only down by a few hundred

    Pashuteh Yid

    I voted, but it really didn’t seem proper to me, although I am familiar with the magazine for a few years already. Why should we be helping one contestant over another, just because we have a better network of friends via the jewish sites? On the other hand, why any company would award a prize based on an internet popularity contest is beyond me.


    she is back on top in votes, but only by about 150. keep passing the word.


    I think something fishy is going on with the votes. Within the past five minutes, both of the two top contestansts got fifty votes each! There probably is someone playing shtick here. (Unless this website is extremely popular, which i don’t think it is.)


    shes behind by 75 now


    Pashuta Yid, the reason why we are voting for her is to show Hashem that we have Ahavas Chinum instead of Sinas Chinum. We all just want to see a Jewish cause win, and enable this girl to continue to produce this magazine with a bit of the burden off her shoulders – for a while that is. It seems that Danny also has a wide network of friends working for him and he is always pulling ahead of her…now we are down to the wire…please everyone get your friends voting today!!!! Thanks!

    Pashuteh Yid

    ZFB, I hear what you are saying, and it is nice, but suppose a non-Jew needed the money because he was going to research a new approach to cancer, and the girl needed it for a magazine, am I violating ahavas chinam if I vote for the research?


    Pashuteh Yid, you have a great question! My husband, the Rabbi, says it is probably not violating Ahavas Chinum, because in essence Cancer research would also help thosse Yidden stricken with the machala. Lo Aleinu!! So in that case it would be a worthy cause to vote for!! Knowing us, we would divide the vote in the house, since we would feel that both were good causes!! My husband said though, in this case there is no question that we should vote for Leah and see if you can stil get some more votes!! One day left!!!


    I just checked the site – Leah is in the lead by a significant amount. If you haven;t voted yet – go to the site and please do so.


    i just heard a rumor that she has officialy won? is that true? does anybody know?


    It is being announced on the 17th … they are tallying the “official” votes now?

    Just curious, wonder if they will let multiple votes from one IP address through?


    Of course not. Thats exactly what the mean by verifying the votes.


    dunno … it says one per email address … not person thats why im curious


    Remember with the 100,000 bucks she can support someone like me in kolel! Guys/Girls VOTE ON! Its for a great cause (my cause! jk)


    random–yashrus20 when did u start posting here i mean i dont think i ever saw u here before then all of a sudden tonight u pop up and start posting everywhere -i dont care its just weird

    could be uve been here all along and i didnt notice(im not a expert at this coffee room lol)


    I actually just had an extra long coffee break. Kollel life is kinda hard…lol…


    For everyone who did vote, I just got an email that she won:

    I just learned that Leah and I are the Grand Prize Winners in the Wells Fargo Someday Contests. I want to thank all of you for your tremendous support! This prize will allow Leah to grow Yaldah magazine professionally, to sponsor girls retreats, camp scholarships, and launch Yaldah media: quality books for girls. Leah has worked relentlessly the past 4 years to pursue her dream. Now she can continue her mission of connecting Jewish girls of all backgrounds worldwide. Last Sunday our vote count really took off as the contest reached Jewish communities near and far. I realized that that day happened to be Rochel Imeinu’s yartzeit. So, I wish you nachos from

    all your children, and may your daughters become like Sarah, Rivkah, Rochel, and Leah.

    Our family looks forward to sponsoring a celebratory kiddush. Stay tuned.

    Evelyn Krieger


    does anyone know if she won?? i dont have access to the wells fargo site.


    Mazel Tov on your acheivement! Leah, may you continue to bring your family much nachas! Hatzlacha with Yalda Magazine!


    she did win, in case anyone was interested


    from the Wells Fargo site:

    Congratulations to Evelyn from Sharon, MA!

    She’s won $100,000 to make her Someday dream of expanding Yaldah magazine come true.

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