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    If you hear of children born with clubfoot (either 1 or both feet), there is an alternative method of treatment to the break and reset surgery. The procedure is known as the Ponseti method and it is important to get to a Ponseti certified Doctor.

    Dr. Ponseti is affiliated with the U. of Iowa and has been researching and perfecting this method over the decades. There are Ponseti certified doctors thoughout the U.S. and even abroad.

    We used a Dr. affiliated with Columbia-Presbytarian Childrens Hospital of NY.

    The procedure involves a series (weekly ~10 weeks depending on the case) of castings from the upper thigh to the toes potentially followed by a release of the achilles tendon with additional casting. The final step is the boots and bar. Once the child reaches the boots and bar stage, the child will mostly likely need physical therapy. You can check in your jurisdiction to see if is covered as part of Early Intervention programs and paid for by the jurisdictions.

    To find additional information and a Ponseti certified doctor

    go to:

    look in the “info for parents section”

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