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    Hello Kitty

    PLEASE HELP!!! I am in dire need of good advice. Last year when my wife took out the winter clothing some of the beautiful cashmere tops had holes in them. It had to go in the garbage and they are really expensive. She re-washed all clothing in the closet and bought cedar wood and put them on the shelves. Today the same thing happened. I dont know what to do????? Did anyone have such an experience? How do I fight it?? I did see tiny little thing that looks like the shape of a snail but mini mini, on the shelf. We cleaned it up and are rewashing the clothing now… What is this???


    mothballs i think.


    Oh my!! I would be horrified!

    Are they moths? You need moth balls in your closets.

    I would definitely call a professional exterminator and find out. I’m suprised you didn’t do that last year. If you don’t get rid of these stuff correctly, they come right back.

    minyan gal

    You should probably consult an exterminator for advice. I hope that you kept the ‘snail”. Use a piece of cellophane tape and put it on a piece of paper to show to the exterminator. Also, before you discard any more expensive clothing, consult an “invisible mender”. Many of these garments may be able to be repaired. Good luck.


    Try storing the clothes in plastic bags and add the cedar blocks and/or moth balls to the storage bags so it is contained within. Yes your clothes will smell from mothballs, but you can wash them or send them to the cleaners when you pull them out of storage which is still cheaper than buying everything anew.


    If the clothing was extremely expensive, rethreading can sew up the holes without any trace (literally replacing the threads one by one). It’s very expensive though, figure about $60 for a small hole. But if it’s $1000 gown or whatever it is that the royalty wear in flatbush, it’s worth it. (I know, you live in Idaho. Sorry. No insult intended. And where can I catch a mincha there?)

    Hello Kitty

    They say its called a Carpet Beetle. Anyonse has experience with it?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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