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    Kudos are passed around as a sort-of online currency. I don’t know what you do with them other than pass then on to the next hero. But, how to you get them in the first place?

    Ctrl Alt Del

    Whew!!! For a minute there I thought you were referring to the vintage candybar!!

    Little Froggie

    How you get them in the first place?

    First you go into hiding for about, say, a half year, then you come out with a ‘zaftig’ piece…. that’s how you get them in the fist place.

    Oh… btw… forgot to say Howdy!!! Long time no see here. (Found a job r”l?)


    Kudos to you for dropping in!

    Mariana Santos


    Kudos are earned at the whim and idiosyncrasies of the one bestowing them – not unlike brickbats except way more brickbats get thrown than kudos are bestowed. In my estimation you will have to duck out of the way of approximately 12 brickbats for each kudo you hope to receive.

    No need to worry about your dwindling stockpile though, I’ll share mine with you until you can get back into the swing of earning your own. They hand them out like candy at Pinterest for hoarding pretty pictures onto easily accessible bulletin boards so that everyone else can look at your pretty pictures too.


    Kudos for a great question!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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