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    I’m going to Israel to visit my son in yeshiva. I got one of those cheap ticket deals. I am very confused where to go / what to do. I am being told over and over. If I don’t plan ahead I’ll waste my time. So I’m looking for someone to help me.

    I’ve been to EY before so I don’t need to the tours for myself. My son’s yeshiva just took them up north (meron/tzfas/tveria). My son can take off nights and only one day. I also have a grandfather in rechovot we need to visit a bit. I don’t have a place to stay yet. My son’s yeshiva is in sanhedria. I wouldn’t mind staying in the neighborhood.

    So, Chosheve Oilam,

    Please help me plan my trip. I would like to take him to living gedolim, some tourist attractions, restaurants, etc.

    Thanking you in advance.



    YW Moderator-18

    It depends what you are looking for. Where do you want to stay, hotel or apt? There are many apts for rent on a daily basis. check the hamodia or the yated. If you’ve already toured than maybe you don’t have to plan an itinerary you can just meander and enjoy. Have you toured Ir Dovid or done the Kotel tunnels? Both are beyond amazing and worthwhile. You have to do both with groups so you would not need your son for company. Whatever you do Enjoy immensly.


    Try the Kosel

    You’ll be surprised how your time gets filled up without needing to fill every minute.

    A better angle is, have 3 big things you want to do, and be open to whatever is available when you go.


    Thank you all for the advice.


    Go to the Kosel late (past 12-1 at night), unless you particularly enjoy Asian tourists with cameras.


    check out the shuk in yerushalayim, machane yehuda- its really cool. also, go to bnei berak, there are plenty of gedolim and great seforim/judaica stores, as well as nice people.


    go to machane yehuda a few hours be4 shabbos, it’s really amzing.

    R’ velvel Brodt has a nishmas minyan every night by chatzois by the koisel.

    If you keep late hurs, near the mir leil shsishi is a situation.

    If you are in snahedria, make sure to meet r’ shmuel deutsch. he knows shas be’iyun. A massive chassidishe oived, also n sanhedria is R’ velvel Ernster

    If you see a fellow stuck without his shoes, come over and say helo, i’d love to meet you.


    Enjoy your trip


    Don’t forget to learn. Stick as much to your regular learning curiculum as you can.


    Thank you all.

    I’m traveling alone. Where should I stay? I want to be close to sanhedria and also have a place for Shabbos.

    Any suggestions?


    firstly, would you mind disclosing if you are a man or a woman, it might help in the suggestions. secondly i have a great rental to suggest on DiZahav, very close to Sanhedria, its 95.00$ per night. you can get my email from the mods and contact me if you like, i have pics and contact info for the rental.


    There’s something called the sanhedria suite, it’s $55 a nite or $300 for the week, you can google it.

    Also don’t froget r’ osher Arielli, snhedrai hamurchevet address removed, if you knock on bein hasedorim he will open the door for you himself.

    Is your son in ToMo


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    from Long Island

    There are many rentals in Ramat Eshkol, right next to Sanhedria.

    Look in the local pirsumit (ask your son to pick one up, they are all over the neighborhoods) or look in you can find a rental under $100. a night.

    Have you been to the Churva shul yet? it was just rebuilt and open to the public.

    Ir David or Migdal David are spectacular at night.

    What about the Shul that looks like the Bais Hamikdash (forgot what it is called and also nearby.

    If you want cheap eats, but local (most of the restaurants are under Rav Rubin’s hashgacha), go to Rechov Paran nearby. For a real treat for your son, take him to entrecot in har chotzvim (nearby) for a great meat meal – also under Rav Rubin – reservations necessary.

    Big question, are you renting a car? If you only have one day with your son, without a car, the trip to Rechovot will take most of the day.

    Regarding food, nearby is a fleishig Hadar Geula where you can do takeout for shabbos and any store sells paper goods for Shabbos.

    Big question is how long are you going for.

    I know when I visited my daughters in seminary, most of the day was spent with my daughter in her classes. It was wonderful for her and for me. I imagine learning with your son could be the highlight of your trip.

    FYI, Egged has an english web site, so your can map the busses you will need to use/find BEFORE you go which will make life much easier

    Have a wonderful trip.


    Go to ein gedi


    rc: thank you. I’m a man visiting (PTA) my son. Now that it’s 10 days away, I’m looking for touring suggestions as well.

    MODS: can you email me RC’s email address?

    Sorry, no can do

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    my daughter just did a segway tour which she booked in advance online. It was a lot cheaper than they are here in the states, like $50 for two hours.


    The segway is really cool.


    The sanhedria suite can be reached at 02-538-9174


    Golders greener you left out all our sephardic brethen. Maran The rishon le’tzi’on R’ yitzchok yosef, the former rl”tz, R’ shloime moshe Amar, R’ ben tzion muzafi….


    Can anyone guide me where to eat on Shabbos for myself, my son and 4 friends. Walking distance from Rechavia.




    Try prima palace reasonable prices and good food

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