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    Avram in MD

    There’s been a lot of threads in the CR lately demanding our collective outrage for this thing or that thing, and I’ve found them to be confusing to read. But how I can be properly outraged if I can’t follow the ins and outs of all the outrageous things that other people do? Would someone be kind enough to select one or two disgusting/abhorrent/despicable things done by people other than me that would be worthy of my moral wrath? Please do it quickly, because if I can’t get angry about other people’s sins, I might start thinking about my own!



    Maybe we can be outraged that other people are so easily outraged and care so much about what other people do


    Ubiquitin +1


    Honestly I am most outraged about those things that cause Chilul hashem and community sins.

    Invididual Averiahs are between people and Hashem and Hashem forgives if Tshuva is properly done, Not so much the court of Public opinion.

    Once trust is lost, its almost impossible to get it back

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    ZD – I agree. That is why I wish that people would be more careful about what they post in the Coffee Room!!! They can cause unmeasureable damage!!


    Unfortuantly the information about these public Chilul Hashems becomes publc knowledge with or without the Coffee Room.

    Arresting a bunch of Frum people on National TV is not something the frum media can quelch as L’H


    stopping to live in denial & klal yisroel as a nation finally waking up to life & reality with admitting to Hashem that we see his wake-up messages of non-stop horrific tragedies R”L & we are ready to come together as a nation to do teshuva so this can finally stop & mashiach can be here very soon.

    i.e. when a child won’t listen to his parent. then sometimes the parent has no choice but to punish his child, we call this a potch of love as every parent knows its for the childs benefit. when so much txaros is hit upon klal yisroel but we still don’t wake up to do teshuva then we leaving our loving father hashem & our crying mother rochel imeinu no choice but to hit us again with more tzaros R”L

    May we all do teshuva ASAP so mashiach can come


    Jakob nowadays we educate children humanely by packing them a lunchbox and dropping them off in the middle of the forest to learn from Creation.


    May we all do teshuva ASAP so mashiach can come

    Real teshuvah, or fake teshuvah, fooling yourself into thinking you’re some kind of tzaddik?


    tzadik? we are talking of teshuvah במקום שבעלי תשובה עומדים אין צדיקים גמורים יכולים לעמוד שם


    @Avram in MD: When grown frum adults straight up lie you and abuse your property for no reason.

    Sorry, you triggered me into remembering an incident that took place last summer that I’m not quite over.

    Avram in MD


    I’m glad this thread has helped you to direct your outrage. It hasn’t helped me yet.

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