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    Does anyone know information about the late chief rabbi of the UK?

    Who were his rebbeim?

    in which moisdois did he learn? [Gateshead? Chevron? Toimchei Temimim?]

    From whom did he receive semicha?

    What was his basic mehalech haliimud?

    Did he have a connection with chassidus/chassidim/admoirim? [Is it correct that he was encouraged by a chassidic rebbe to enter the rabbnate?]

    Did he have a connection to mekubalim? [Rabbi Y M Morgernstern, for instance, spends much of the year in London.]

    Who were his talmidim or children? [in which moidois did his children learn?]

    what do they feel they primarily gained from him?

    What were his main books/ideas/psakim etc…

    What was unique about his oratory style that attrcted so many? What lent hi his dignity?

    what is the basic outline of the controversy between him and Rabbi rakow of gateshead?


    He was what in America would be described as left-wing Modern Orthodox. He had to reprint one of his books after taking out a problematic passage that earned him very strong criticism by leading Orthodox rabbis for being incompatible with Torah Judaism.


    He was a brilliant and moral man. A Ba’al Teshuvah of great conviction. A deep philosopher. S good Yid.

    He didn’t really learn in Yeshivos. Or have a Mehalech ha’Limud. He was not a Posek. Nor did he have a Rebbi similar to that which you seem to be seeking.

    And this was probably the Shoresh of the Machlokes.


    R Sacks Z’L spoke movingly about his teacher R Nachum Rabinowitz, who in turn had a semicha from Ner Isroel and PhD in statistics. (aside: R Rabinowitz writings on use of probabilities are breath-taking).

    R Sacks is a universalist, most reminding of R Shimshon Hirsh. He is able to put Torah learning in terms that can be understood – and valued – by nations of the world, and explain to Jews how Torah relates to modern life and modern philosophies, something that this Coffee Room often concerns about.


    I know that when certain relatives In my family were going through a hard time he made time to come to one of their bar mitzvah and spoke, as well as supporting them throughout


    I don’t understand. you’re writing a book? will your references say “the coffee room”?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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