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    What do I do?

    I want to buy this fancy “homemade” schug, sold at my local kosher market, as a gift to someone.

    Today I went in to purchase a few jars, but none had any expiration or sell by date. The label only had a Gmail email address, and the name of the local kashrut certification, without any phone number.

    So I sent an email to the company’s email address, as listed on the package, but the email and name of the brand is linked to a tv show, so now I’m super confused. I received an automated email reply thanking me for my interest in the television show (ummm yea?).

    The store manager said that he couldn’t call because it was after business hours, and then he must have left store before I could ask him for the number.

    Is it normal to have undated homemade food at a kosher market? Not having any time labels feels like a red flag to me.

    I’m going to go to another store B”H.

    Just wondering if you’ve ever come across undated schig in the refrigerated section….

    Also, they had another brand with an expiration date May 18, 2018. I thought schug lasts a long time? I don’t know if schug normally only lasts a month, or maybe the other brand was sitting on the shelf for a while?

    Thank you 🙂


    I think homemade/storemade food is exempt from the requirement to put an expiration date on.

    When you buy fresh fish at the fish store, for example, it usually has no expiration date listed. Or fresh meat at the meat store.


    LB: usually the companies that sell so-called home-made products have their old items removed from the store shelves when they deliver fresh goods. Not having a use by date is still a bummer, but for something like schug I wouldn’t worry.

    You can ask the department mangager when the last delivery by this company was, and buy from a shop that moves a lot of Kosher inventory.

    Good luck!

    Eli Y

    Buy them for your gifts and buy one yourself. Try yours first. If it’s bad, bring the rest back unopened. Consider it Tzedakah to the extent you lose money.


    I’m no expert, but I’m willing to bet that schug never goes bad.


    Thank you. I just parked in front of another kosher market. I think that this one has more traffic. Anyway, I’ll see if they have the same brand with expiration dates.

    If not, then good idea, I can ask when the shipment arrived.

    … fyi, I also thought schug lasts forever but it doesn’t. Even the other brand was dated to expire next month. Slso, the homemade one looks more like a salsa chutney, containing garlic and onions.

    You can get botulism from garlic and oil mixtures, can’t you? Back in the day, I took a certification course and exam in food service management. The class was a great wake up call in terms of being careful and responsible with food handling.

    Okay… going in…

    Wish me luck! Thank you 🙂

    Uncle Ben

    So BrightLight: What happened? Did you put out the schug fire in your mouth yet?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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