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    Does anyone know the seder for the unveiling service (for a man)? We are IYH making an unveiling this sunday and do not know where to begin.

    I know there are series of tehillim, then kel malei rachamim, then kaddish (tho it doesnt look like we will have a minyan)

    any help would be GREATLY appreciated

    TIZKU L’MITZVOT and may we and all of am yisrael only have bsorot tovot


    sorry i should have mentioned i am trying to get info on the unveiling minhagim for nusach ashkenaz, thanks everyone and tizku l’mitzvot


    When my father had to do one, his rav told him that originally we just visited the cemetery and making a ceremony out of it came from secular sources so we could say whichever tehillim we want. If I recall correctly we said 23, 49, 91.


    I don’t believe there is a “set” liturgy for an unveiling. I’ve been to a few and seen widely differing services. Almost all involved a short hesped, various tehillim and kaddish.

    Why not just ask your rav?

    The Wolf


    some say the parts of ??”? spelling out the name of the nifter and then the word ????


    check the Shaarei Dima, it’s a sefer of tefilos that are said at a kever at appropriate times. It might have what you’re looking for.


    There is an excellent book called “Mourning In Halacha”(I think that’s the right title).It covers pretty much everything.


    this answer is based on knowledge from when my grandparents passed away and from looking into some holy books.

    the term unveiling is a secular term and we dont actually unveil the stone. nevertheless after the stone has been put in place there is a minhag to go to the Kever, preferably with a minyan.

    the following is the list of Tehillim customarily said and in that order, 33, 15,17,72,91,104,130.

    then we say the name of the deceased following the letters in 119, follwed be the letters ????. (just the name and not the parents’ name)

    then some say Kaddish followed by Keil MOleh Rachamim, some say Keil Mole Rachamim and then Kaddish. (i think more correct is Keil Moleh Rachamim followed by Kaddish.)

    i have seen people read out loud the text on the stone but i dont know the source.

    then one can light candles, say personal prayers, etc.

    may we only hear of Simchas

    ???? ????? ???? ???? ?’ ???? ??? ?? ????

    always here

    baruchderrin~ depending on the cemetery, many times you can get men in the area (on the grounds) to make up the minyan.

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