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    I am going to be speaking next week iyh at one of my closest friends Aufruf. I was wondering if anyone on this great site has a Dvar Torah they can fit in together with the parsha (Lech Lecha) and and Aufruf.

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!


    It’s easy!

    Just make sure that when you use your “tognue”, it’s connected to ur “barin”.


    Lech Lecha and a marriage, it doesn’t get easier than that. Think for a few minutes, I’m sure something about starting out new will come to you.


    this is pretty deep but i’ll mention it anyways, lech and lecha have the same gematria (btw there is a whole kaballah thing behind it and not just a cute dvar torah)


    ok but continue it whats the whole thing?


    Sry, wont give you a dvar Torah, you gotta do some work yourself 🙂

    lest you give the speech in my name. However will put in my two cents,

    perhaps you can build on that,(I had no luck so far)

    In Bereishis it says after HB”H created Chavah, * “al kein yazoiv ish

    es aviv vi’es Imoy V’dovak b’ishto v’hoyu l’basar Echad.

    When a man leaves the shadow of his parents he is able to cleave to his

    wife & in turn becoming one, creating a family. This is not to say he leaves the

    wonderful things he has learned from them, or respect them any less c”v.

    only that in leaving his parents house, lets him rise to be a man himself,

    leaving the protection & financial support he goes out to stand

    on his own two feet B”H.

    This concept we can relate to this weeks parsha of Lech, Le’cho.

    HB”H Tells Avram Go! Leave your home, your land, which you are familiar with,

    and i will lead the way and guide you. Lecha, it’s for your benefit having to

    leave your father home, for many blessing & success await you after leaving

    here andstarting anew on your own. this is what a Chosson does when he gets

    married. He leaves his parents home & starts his own B”H, as the Torah states

    in breishis* this concept I believe is repeated in Lech, Go Chosson, leave,

    L’cho. go for your own benefit, taking the good things you saw by your parents

    and grandparents L’cho with you & build on that.

    (this is my own p’shat) hope it helps! Mazel Tov!

    Be Happy

    Remember best speechs are those said on one leg. Maybe not literally but one cannot balance longer than about 5 minutes on one foot. Keep your speech to 5 minutes. Short speeches are most appreciated!Say a short Devar Torah and convey your brochos to the family. Hatzlocho


    Bein Hasedorim said EXACTLY what I was thinking. Lech Lecha just cries out to form a perfect D”T for a chosson and kallah. Great P’shat, Bein Hasedorim!


    what about Bar mitzva speeches? Where do I start?


    chops, are u the bachur? i mean if yes then….. but for a member of the fam its diff…….u gotta be more specific ya know……


    oomis1105: Thanks! If my fan base grows I might take it to the nightly Dvar Torah.

    (If there is any room that is) 🙂


    This one is fantastic if someone can, please help me with a Vayishlach aufruf speeches that would be great.
    thank you!


    I have my brothers AUFRUF coming up and I do not have a speech if someone can help me out that would be great
    Vayishlach aufruf speeches

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