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    ☕️coffee addict

    So I got this email on a group email I’m part of by someone that goes by the name (REMOVED) which reminded me of (REMOVED) that used to post here

    This is what it said

    “A relative of mine has an iPhone for three years. It went dead.. She went to the Apple Store in Roosevelt and they claim there’s nothing that they can do. She didn’t damage the phone, it didn’t get wet, it just won’t work. Apple was less than helpful. They apparently don’t stand by their products. Has anyone had a similar experience who can give her some guidance as to what recourse she might have? Her warranty is up, but she has been paying insurance all along. Thanks for any help fill suggestions you might have. “

    Anyone have any suggestions, if so post it here and maybe she’ll see it or I’ll forward it to her


    Try connecting to itunes


    Try asking a dedicated tech forum (or at least DansDeals).


    Apple is notorious for refusing to repair anything older than the latest model product. She has no recourse. They will push you to spend hundreds on a new iPhone or Mac Book, even if it’s only a minor fix. Since it’s not under warranty, there are computer and cell phone repair shops not licensed by Apple that should be able to help. If you’re in NYC, there’s a well known repair shop near Greenwich Village called The Rossman Group that fix iPhones and other Apple products.


    You can purchase extended warranties for up to 5 years for apple iPhone products within the first year of purchase. There are also lots of small repair shops that will repair iPhones if the “fix” is relatively simple at a cost less than $200 or thereabouts (anything higher exceeds the replacement value of the older phone). Apple is very clear about the term of their warranties and that some products (e.g. the new ear bud earphones) are “sealed” and not meant to be fixed.

    Sam Klein

    If she has insurance on it then if they can’t fix the issue of the phone then they should legally be required to replace the phone with a new one


    Dr. Pepper

    The ones I had that had the same issue were either the battery or the charging port. Both are relatively inexpensive on Amazon and come with the necessary tools. Make sure that you are purchasing the parts for the correct model as they can differ slightly.

    Do a Google search on how to do the repairs. If you have the patience and fine motor skills it’s really not too difficult.

    If you know me in real life I can do it for you.

    A Gutten Moed and Good luck.



    Avi, I’ll be bringing my phone to you when you have a chance.

    ☕️coffee addict

    I do (I think)

    But it’s not for me (and I can’t ship it to you if it was)

    Anyways the person who it is for doesn’t know me in real life (and I don’t know her) I’m just hoping she saw this and took some suggestions

    Dr. Pepper

    Joseph- I’m at the Friedman’s until after Yom Tov- feel free to drop it off anytime between now and two hours after Yom Tov. If you have a valid reason for needing it today- get a heter from your Rebbi and I’ll bli neder do it today. Beginning Wednesday morning you can drop it off at my house.

    Coffee Addict- I suspected for some time that we were in Yeshiva together. After you suggested that I tell Nachman Selzer that story I’m even more confident that the three of us were in Yeshiva together.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Dr Pepper,

    We weren’t in Yeshiva together

    Well not exactly

    Dr. Pepper

    Coffee addict-

    Thanks for that line- you cracked me up.
    Hope my advice was able to help your friend.
    Feel free to pass my contact information to her if you think I can be of further assistance.

    A Gutten Moed

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Gosh, now you got me curious

    Dr. Pepper

    Syag Lchochma-

    Nothing worth keeping yourself in suspense over.

    I had suspected for some time that while Nachman Seltzer and I were in Yeshiva together Coffee addict was another mbachur there at the time. Apparently I was wrong.

    His comment made me laugh as I’m now under the impression that he attended the same high school as I did but after I left.

    The school had some sort of tradition where current and former students an earn “Legend” status if a committee chose to bestow it upon them. I never had anything to do with this since there was too much Lashon Hora involved. (If someone was thrown out they automatically earned “Legend” status and unfortunately some people earned it for inappropriate behavior so I just stayed away.)

    Some of the “Legends” were awarded posthumously (after the person left) while some were awarded to the wrong person (either they claimed responsibility for something they didn’t do or the committee incorrectly gave credit to the wrong person). Some of the incidents (probably the “Payphone Incident”) weren’t even the work of anyone from the student body yet still got assigned to someone. Some people, myself included, had a policy of neither confirming or denying any possible involvement in any incidents.

    The place had a “no radio” policy so anyone with a Walkman had to have it surgically removed. At one point I was the only one authorized by the hanhala to remove radios to their satisfaction (it was much easier back then before everything went digital) so I had an undeserved reputation for being an expert on electronics.

    After I left I heard that I was voted by the committee to be cemented at the top of the “Legend” hierarchy for all future generations.

    I was given credit for:
    The Washing Machine Timer incident (posted in a different thread- some old timers may remember it)
    The Payphone Incident (wasn’t me- happened after I left- I suspect a Bell Atlantic technician made an innocent, but funny, mistake)
    The Soda Machine incident (was me but I paid them back for their loss)
    The Fire Alarm incident (wasn’t me)
    The Fog Horn incident (a Purim shtick- partially me)
    amongst a few others.

    I took his comment to mean that while we weren’t in Yeshiva together he does know who I am through my “Legend” status at the Yeshiva that we went to.

    While his comment did crack me up I may be totally off as I probably have no idea who he is.

    Hope this helps.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Wrong again dr.

    Were you in Dora Golding as a head counselor (or something like that, I didn’t go there for camp)

    ☕️coffee addict


    Dr. Pepper

    Ok, I’m totally confused now.

    I was under the impression (and I’m still pretty confident) that in a previous Gilgul you went by the screen name “mbachur”.

    Anyway- “mbachur” once posted something that led me to believe that he was in Yeshiva together with me (and Nachman Seltzer) many years ago. (I now believe that I’m mistaken about this.) Unfortunately this post was from close to eight years ago and I can no longer find it. (I even did a Google search on the site for some of the words in the thread but the thread in question was nowhere to be found. It may have been deleted.)

    To answer your question- I was never in Camp Dora Golding in any capacity and I was never a head counselor anywhere- I’m just not head counselor material.

    Sorry for going off on a tangent.

    Getting back to the main topic- did your friend ever figure out how to start up the iPhone?

    Which thread, if you don’t mind me butting in?


    @Pepper- you must’ve been quite a character there. At the very least, you made it memorable.

    , I understand removing info from the original post, but why ask ‘which thread’ as an edit? It makes just as much sense to comment and bump it up. Forgive my curiosity.


    I did not edit the post or remove any information. I asked him which thread to see if i could find it.


    Reach out to the Rossmann Repair Group. If they cannot help you, no one can.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Dr. Pepper,

    Thanks for clearing it up,

    The person I knew was an Avi(chai) pepper so when you closed off your story with avi I started wondering

    ☕️coffee addict

    Btw I don’t know what happened, I was just hoping she saw this (she posted on an email group with her Ywn screen name)

    Dr. Pepper

    YW Moderator-29

    I don’t recall the title of the thread. What I do remember is some key words from a post by “mbachur”. Unfortunately the Google searches that I tried haven’t worked. Given that Google searches I tried on key words from other threads and posts around the same time frame yielded successful results I’m resigned to the reality that I’m remembering something incorrectly or the entire thread has been deleted.


    I wouldn’t say that I was a character over there. For the most part I was ambiguous when asked about anything- I would simply state that I’m neither confirming nor denying my involvement in whatever incident I was being questioned about.

    In the Fire Alarm incident some people claimed responsibility but couldn’t explain how it was done. (When questioned by the hanhalla they denied responsibility.) They never bothered to ask me about is as they considered me too dumb based on my grades. (One Rebbe whose father knew my grandfather was overheard saying that I’m the only dumb grandkid my grandfather has. I actually found it amusing.) When other students asked me if it was me I just answered that I’m not commenting.

    The Soda Machine incident (to give you an idea of my style) is something I did do (but again I was ambiguous when questioned).

    The school tried changing out one popular flavor for Crystal Pepsi or something like that. After everyone tasted it they had enough and wanted Dr Pepper back. The Yeshiva said that once the Crystal Pepsi is sold out they’ll bring back the old flavor but barely anyone wanted to buy a can.

    There was a little known design flaw in tubular locks (thank to YouTube it’s a little better known nowadays) and they can be easily opened with a Bic pen. While I had no success with a Bic pen I was able to exploit the flaw and easily open the machine.

    The way the machine dispensed cans was by rotating a small shaft under the chamber until a can was dropped and then stopping. Each half rotation would release a can and a full rotation would release two cans. There’s a ring at the end of the shaft that has a cutout in it that a sensor looks for. By cover one notch with a strip of magnesium the shaft made a full rotation releasing two cans for the price of one. (If anyone has ever seen the inside of a soda machine, these shafts are covered by a metal plate that is easily removed. If a vendor has more cans than will fit in a chamber they will usually stack them on this plate.)

    Pretty soon people (or possibly the one person) noticed that they were getting two cans of Crystal Pepsi for the price of one and someone told the school about it. After testing this repeatedly and verifying it they emptied the chamber and called the repair guy.

    Before the repair guy came I removed the piece of magnesium.

    When the repair guy got there he was scratching his head as it seemed to work just fine (and he never heard of such a thing before).

    We were all cracking up as the administrator responsible for the soda machine was trying to convince him that it wasn’t a bad dream but he didn’t have too much luck.

    Later on he finally replaced the sought after flavor to everyone’s delight.

    There were 20 cans originally and four left when the repair guy came so I calculated that eight cans were given out for free. At $.50 a can I owed them $4.

    For the fun of it I opened the machine one final time to leave a $5 bill in the bill chamber and take a $1 bill.

    I would have loved to see the look on the administrators face when he found the $5 in the chamber or hear the phone call between him and the repair guy where he insists that there was a $5 bill in there. (This was before vending machines accepted $5 bills.)

    As one can imagine there were others who tried taking credit for this but no one had a valid explanation.

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