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    I am thinking of buying a coop as it could be same as renting a 3 bedroom and then at least my rent would be fixed.

    Anyone have information about the process or know lenders with low interest rates, etc. in the NYC area?

    In addition, anyone know of good priced moving companies, where to get boxes..?

    Last, I wanted to know how to get out of my lease. Honestly, I would be moving out early due to buying an apt. but the truth is that what is forcing me to move out is a few conditions that make my apt hard to live in for ex. right now termites “pop up a few times a year, around hundreds at a time…”

    I know I could say I want to terminate the lease based on uninhabitable conditions but it is hard to prove the termites as they only come a few times a year and the floor is caving in, but the landlord claims I do not give him access and I do but he does not give me anything in writing to prove he came so basically he “calls the shots”. I am afraid that one day someone could “fall into the basement” as who knows what the wood supports’ condition is. How could I prove the wood supports/wood is being eaten? I do not have access to the basement/ supports inside the ceiling…So, I do not know how to end the lease!

    Anyone have experience with this?

    Thanks in advance, I figured it would be a good idea to post as many here might have had similar experiences and might know information I do not know!


    Just move out and don’t pay the rent the land lord can’t do anything about it the law is always on the tenants side because you are the underdog the landlord will keep the bond out of spite for your sinful action…but too bad.

    Or if u want to abide by the contract give him thirty days notice tht you are about to leave. This depends on your contract and Wht state you live in though


    more 2, please explain to me how the law is on my side. While I did not speak to a lawyer yet, I read that the lease is just as binding as a mortgage/closing…..and other contracts.

    In addition, I do not understand how the law is on the tenants’ side. In my experience so far, I complained to the NYC officials about another condition and all they keep saying is that I need to keep giving him access. However, in reality, he has hired many companies and it is something that they can’t fix. Yet, they keep saying we will keep giving the owner an opport. to repair. I tried explaining how this condition has been in the apt. for many years and there are 311 violations, yet they still keep listening to the lies of the owner claiming I do not give access!

    If you know of the exact laws stating that I could break my lease, please let me know.

    meanwhile, if anyone knows information of low priced movers/boxes.. in the NYC area, please let me know.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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