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    Nowadays, society has a tendency to label and drug people. A child can’t sit still or can’t focus, give them a pill. While sometimes, medicine is needed, there are sometimes better ways and without any side effects.

    Obviously, everyone is different and needs different things. But there are things that everyone can benefit from. The three main things that children need are

    Sleep, good Nutrition and Exercise

    we should ask ourself if they are receiving enough of these. For example, do they have time to play and let off energy? If not, we find time.

    So basic, but a good reminder for all of us


    The most natural & effective help for any & all children, is to be with their fathers; In the unfortunate event, that their parents are no longer together, the most natural & effective help for any & all children, is still to be with their father;


    sm29, you forgot the first, most basic thing children need- Love. Affection, touch, attachment to at least one primary caregiver, are basic needs for normal psychological development of a child. There have been may studies done on this; the oldest I am aware of was on war orphans in England during the 1940’s. Children cannot thrive, physically, emotionally or cognitively, without love.


    great points, children need positive attention from their parents


    Limiting, but not totally depriving them of sweets, preferably healthy ones. Making sure they get enough sleep and not over-stimulated in the two hours before bed time. Giving them nutritious meals, teaching them proper hygiene, working with them but not for them, when they need homework help,and giving them unconditional huge amoutns of love, especially when one does not feel especially happy with them for some reason.

    Above all, IMO, BOTH parents must be equally involved in their children’s upbringing, even when the mom is the primary caregiver. I am disturbed whenever I see fathers who have little or no time to spend with their children, even on weekends. Dads who will not make the time to come to the PTA conferences, or who think kids’ sports activities are shtuss, so they don’t need to watch them play, are missing out on a fundamental chance to bond with their children. It is wonderful to learn with your kids, but what do you do until they are old enough to open a Gemarah with you?


    Natural <> Good

    Arsenic is natural too.

    The Wolf


    #bump #hashtagban


    What does “<>” mean?

    Does not equal to?


    There’s natural, and then there’s natural to humans. Growing hair on our heads is natural to humans. Snake venom is natural, but for snakes.



    I figured that’s what it was, I’ve just never seen it. I guess it can mean “less than or greater than” which is a roundabout way of saying “not equal to”.

    If a venomous snake bites another venomous snake, will the second snake die?


    Meno -“If a venomous snake bites another venomous snake, will the second snake die?”

    Are you in the middle of an exam, like Sparkly?

    It depends on where it was bitten, how much venom was released, and probably some other things.



    I was in the middle of an exam, but I didn’t see your answer until after I finished. I just wrote “only if Hashem wants it to”.

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