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    During this time of year, we talk about reflection and what to improve on and try to do so. But there are some individuals who sadly, are more interested in pleasing their desires whatever they may be.

    While a good mussar shiur helps the average person get into the mode of Elul and the yomim noraim, this other person probably needs something else. There’s something that he/she is not receiving and so they look elsewhere. – If, for example, they feel smothered in their situation, then it would be good to help them find a good way to enjoy themself and be happy.- The best thing to do is to give them the care they need, and be a good listening ear to them.

    May Hashem help each of us to improve ourselves, and also help us to be a good help to others


    Our neighborhood has taken on “OAK” simple “Acts of Kindness” this month. No one realizes how one simple act of kindness means to another person and how it can have a chain reaction or a ripple effect. So even a simple act of kindness can grow into a huge, huge mitzvah.

    SM29, whether one is in a position to something grand to help another or just a simple act of kindness, now would be a great time to start thinking of others and please don’t forget those who live in your own home, spouse, children, brothers and sisters who we often neglect in order to be generous and noticed. Helping someone carry their groceries from the car is a huge big deal for that harried mother carrying her baby in one hand and the groceries in the other, or that elderly woman who is walking alone. But people rarely notice and just walk by with blinders on. Even holding a door open while a woman is trying to push through a carriage seems like a forgotten art at times. Offering a neighbor a ride to the store, telling a neighbor you have a free hour can you help with the kids, volunteering to tutor a weak kid to bring him up to par in his class and raise his/her confidence and self esteem. There are a thousands ways to do a simple act of kindness.

    Thanks for starting this thread.


    Thanks for continuing it

    CR 1

    how you treat your wife is how you will be judged after 120 meaning if you helped everyone in your community and yelled at your wife all day you will not be in a good situation.

    gavra at work or anyone who knows, who stated what i wrote above?


    “OAK” simple “Acts of Kindness”

    and here i was thinking that oak was a tree…


    CR 1: It’s a Gemara. Or at least, some people’s interpretation of it. What the Gemara says is that a person is even judged on “Sichah Kalla” between a person and his wife. Some interpret that as how you speak to her.


    sorry Bomb, thats what they named it.


    here is 3 areas that are good to do.

    Sometimes things need more soul. Practice can become dry for people, but when we help someone put meaning into it, it becomes uplifted. For example, helping our children feel Hashem’s love, and giving them a desire to do what we need to do. When challenges arise in life, sympathize, and help them understand it’s to help them grow.

    Give them the intellectual stimulation they need to help them improve their knowledge and emunah

    And be a Good Example of Good Middos and behavior to inspire them to continue forward.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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