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    Did anyone ever try the herballife diet? Does it work?


    I did it twice i lost 23 pounds the first time and 26 pounds the second time. But its the kind of diet that you have to be careful when you get off of it. Otherwise you gain everything right back.


    I tried it. It immediately gave me diarrhea. I dropped it right away.


    any fad diet only works when you are on it and teh pounds come back as fast as you lost them once you are off the diet.


    I have been around HerbaLife, went to meetings. I would say like this- the people that are selling it to you are only there to make business, not to help you. (first hand knowlage)

    But its the kind of “diet” that you have to stay on for life- dont get me wrong, it REALLY works, you lookse weight, people seriously have REMARKABLE results- health issues go away, im not kiddin gou; i saw this FIRST hand- IT WORKS!

    BUT- its expensive and you end up living on shakes, pills, diet supplaments, health bars, and like one meal a day FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE- IF YOU WANT TO STAY THAT WAY!!

    Would I reccomend it to others, maybe. For myself, no.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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