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    Translated from <en>KolHair</en>:


    This morning in Hadassah: a commemorative corner in memory of hospital worker Natalie Mizrahi and her late husband Eli

    In Hadassah, Mount Scopus, a commemorative stand was set up this morning in memory of two of the victims of the severe attack in Neve Ya’akov on Saturday night – hospital employee Natalie Mizrahi and her husband Eli. “”The Hadassah employees all bow their heads at this difficult time, mourning the loss of dear Nathalie and her husband Eli”

    Published on: 29.1.23
    The deadly attack on Friday night continues to reverberate in Jerusalem (and in general), as last night – Motzaei-Shabbat- was saturated with grief and bereavement with the existence of funerals for almost all of the murdered.

    This morning, Sunday, a commemorative stand was placed in the entrance plaza of Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital in memory of hospital employee Natalie Mizrahi and her husband Eli OBM, who went down to help the victims after hearing the sounds of gunfire, met a terrorist and were shot and killed.

    The late Natalie, 46 years old at the time of her death, worked in the food department at Hadassah Mount Scopus for about 20 years. She also worked on Friday morning, a few hours before she was murdered.

    As mentioned, at Hadassah Mount Scopus, a commemorative stand was placed with the photos of the late Nathalie and Eli Mizrahi, and soul candles next to them. Hospital employees and patients bowed their heads and lit soul candles.
    Ella Sakovich, Natalie’s aunt, a long-time employee in the housekeeping operations department at Hadassah Mount Scopus, says goodbye with great pain: “Natalie immigrated to Israel with her parents and her sister in the 90s, and from then until today she lovingly took care of both parents, around the clock. She worked at Hadassah Mount Scopus In a job that she loved so much, always with a smile, always with a desire to give and give to those hospitalized in the wards. We met a lot on shifts and I always saw her satisfied and happy. She felt good here, that she could give of herself. When her father, who is my brother, died a decade ago, she continued to care for her mother with devotion, all the time for her. Doctors, transportation, medicines and treatments – all for mom.

    “Two years ago, she married Eliyahu .. On Friday, as always, she finished her shift at Hadassah Mount Scopus, and after distributing dinner to the patients, she went to the home of her father-in-law, Eli’s father, in Neve Yaakov. From there she was supposed to go, like every Friday, Back to Beit Shemesh so as not to leave her mother alone. When they were in the middle of the Shabbat meal, they heard the shots – in the middle of the meal she and her husband wanted to offer help and came down from the house to treat the wounded, then they were both shot. This is how a whole life ended. We are broken, we can’t believe this happened to us”.


    Cried reading this. Thanks. Heroes, indeed. HYD.

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