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    This is my packing list for seminary this year. Feel free to use it, and let me know if I left anything out ;-)…



    ? Pleated Skirts, Black

    ? Pleated Skirts, Navy

    ? Blue Shirts

    ? White Shirts

    ? Colored Shirts

    ? Sweaters, Black

    ? Sweaters, Colored

    ? Under Tops, Black

    ? Under Tops, White

    ? Tights, Sheer

    ? Tights, Black

    ? Shoes!!!

    ? Boots

    ? Sneakers

    ? Jumpers, Black n Colored

    ? Coat, summer

    ? Coat, winter

    ? Long Pleated Skirt, Black

    ? Long Skirt, Black

    ? Belts

    ? Bathers

    ? T Shirt


    ? Out Fits

    ? Xtra Nice Outfit

    ? Shoes!!!

    ? Long Skirt, Black

    ? Jumper,


    ? Leggings

    ? Bike Shorts

    ? Bras

    ? Under wear

    ? Socks, Long

    ? Socks, Anklets


    ? Pyjamas, winter

    ? Pyjamas, summer

    ? Pyjamas, in between

    ? Jumpers, Pull-Over

    ? Jumpers, Zip Up

    ? Crocs

    ? Slipper Boots

    ? Slippers

    ? Flip Flops/ Shower Shoes

    ? Bedding X2



    ? Hair bands

    ? Hair Clips

    ? Hair Brush

    ? Hair Comb

    ? Hair Elastics

    ? Bobby Pins

    ? Straightener

    ? Blow Dryer

    ? Small Pinchi Clips


    ? Bracelets

    ? Necklaces

    ? Earrings

    ? Jewellery Box


    ? Handbags

    ? Wristlets

    ? Purses

    ? Shabbos Bag

    ? Laundry Bag

    ? Laundry Nets

    ? Cross Over (Excursion) Bags

    ? Toiletries Bag

    ? Make Up Bags

    ? Shower Bag

    Make Up:

    ? Nail set

    ? Clear Nail Polish

    ? Nail Polish Remover

    ? Make Up Remover

    ? Foundation

    ? Cover Up

    ? Eye Shadow

    ? Mascara

    ? Eye Liner

    ? Bronzer

    ? Lip Gloss, Clear

    ? Lip Gloss, Colored

    ? Make Up Pads

    ? Mirror

    ? Perfume


    ? Scarf

    ? Beanie

    ? Gloves


    ? Soap

    ? Soap Container

    ? Shampoo

    ? Conditioner

    ? Shower Gel

    ? Deodorant

    ? Impulse

    ? Detol, (Big To Refill)

    ? Moisturiser

    ? Face Cleanser

    ? Face Wipes.

    ? Cotton Buds

    ? Pads

    ? Tooth Brush

    ? Tooth Paste

    ? Floss

    ? Safety Pins

    ? Toothbrush Container

    ? Toothpaste Container

    ? Plug Adapter

    ? Tweezers

    ? Ear(ing) Disinfectant

    ? Panadol

    ? Razors

    ? Towels

    ? Hand Towels

    ? Mouth Wash (Big, To Refill)


    ? Sticky Notes

    ? Pens

    ? White Out

    ? Highlighters

    ? Pencil Case

    ? Small Books (Contact & Diary)

    ? Sticky Tape

    ? Pencils


    ? Mobile Phone

    ? Camera

    ? Camera Card

    ? iPod

    ? iPod Ear Phones

    ? Portable Speakers

    ? Batteries

    ? Passport

    ? Detol, Small

    ? Hand Cream

    ? Watch

    ? Hand Tissues

    ? Sunglasses

    ? Small Deodorant

    ? Mouth Wash, small

    ? Chapstick


    ? Siddur

    ? Tehillim

    ? Aneni

    ? Krias Shema Card

    ? Machzorim

    ? Pictures

    ? Camera Charger

    ? iPod Charger

    ? Labels

    ? Iron on Labels

    ? Hangers

    ? Camera Case

    ? iPod Case/Sock

    Anyway, while I’m at it, I want to know… What would you wear for Shabbos in BYA, Machon Raaya, and Bnos Sara???

    (This is 4 me n my friends, we wanna know….8-)


    lol you are so British…

    By the way – don’t bring toiletries. Unless you have some specific facial wash or whatever that you NEED. Except deodorant. Bring a lot of deodorant.

    You don’t really need to bring school supplies – they’re cheaper there. Plus, they have A4 paper there, so don’t bring a binder or folders.

    USBs are a good idea. Maybe even an external hard drive. I had to buy one there and it was wicked expensive. Also, as far as electronics go – if you’re from America, don’t bring a blow dryer/iron/sandwich maker/whatever. Yes, even if you have one of those useless transformers. Your appliances will still fry. Just mooch off *ahem* borrow them from your European friends. 🙂

    Don’t waste too much space on hangers unless you know how much hanging space you’re getting – most seminaries have more drawer/shelf space, so they might be a waste of space.

    Basically, rule of thumb – if you can buy it in E”Y, don’t pack it. It’s probably cheaper there too.

    As for Shabbos attire in BYA/MR/BS – you wear Shabbos clothing. (What else would you wear?)


    Hey One of Many;

    I am no Englishman, but cute;-)

    Thanx 4 all that advise!

    To clarify, what I meant about Shabbos; I know from previous years certain Seminaries Pleated Skirt/Shirt rule applied 4 Shab.

    Is that also for those places? or would u wear what u norm. do, like dresses, sweaters etc…:D


    Oh, South African or Australian…whatever. Just saying, I can tell. 🙂

    I went to Machon Raaya, and the pleated skirt rule was only for class. On Shabbos or during free time, you could wear whatever you like. Not entirely sure about BS or BYA, but I’d say they don’t have the pleated skirt thing on Shabbos either.

    Just a note – most Shabbosim aren’t hosted in sem (across the board), so you don’t have to worry much about fashion shows.




    I dnt think this girl has left anything out!!! Pretty geshikt I’d say;-) oh besides a transformer. So helpful of you to post it up here! Kol hakavod. Hope you have a wonderful year in seminary!!


    Just want to clarify – there is a difference between plug adapters and transformers. Plug adapters are those little things that change the prongs on your plug to fit into the Israeli outlets. They are invaluable, but they are a LOT easier to find and MUCH cheaper in E”Y than in whatever country you’re from. Transformers are those big block things that let you use low voltage appliances on 220 volt current. They are generally so poorly designed that they don’t stay in the wall unless you hold them there and will STILL invariably fry your appliance. They are a very big waste of money. Really, it’s a lot less of a headache to buy a cheap iron/blow dryer in E”Y – that’s what everyone in my year did.


    bring a couple of small recorders with a lot of memory on them so you can record classes. one of my friends did that and she made cd’s for all of us of sooooo many classes! it’s so worth it- it’s totally different than just looking back at notes, some of which you might have missed, or don’t properly give over what the teacher was saying. but if you have an actual recording, its so special to be able to hear your teachers again, and replay the classes whenever you have free time! brings back such memories- and makes you wanna do sem all over again!


    Yummy cupcake- Tape recordings???? Are you forreal????!!!! Get with the times, my friend:-)


    A digital recorder, more_2. 🙂 I actually recorded all my classes – it takes up a LOT more memory than you think it would. My recordings amounted to almost 25 GB (why I had to buy the extra big USB).


    yummy cupcake- you can record it on an ipod- even a kosher one like the new nano- all you need is a little mic that fits into the headphone jack!- just make sure that the one that is bought is compatible with your ipod because otherwise it wont work!

    twinklestar- bya and bnos sara are definitely sweater, blouse, and skirt type- maachon raya- dresses should also be fine



    neone have ne advice for girls goin to meohr???


    Twinkle star are you going to machon Raaya.


    I love this packin list, please preserve it for a few years so I can use it for my daughter when she spends her year in israel!!! Great work OP!!!


    only bring shampoo, soaps, and toiletries like that for the first few days, its not worth shlepping all that since its cheap in israel. anything that you can buy in a cvs here, they sell in a pharmacy there, which they have ALL over! but BRING ENUF DEODORANT FOR THE YEAR! moehr is starting to have a uniform this coming year, so i dont know how itll be then, but when i went it was very chilled. everyone wore whatever they want, some girls wore short skirts every day, some girls wore a top and long slinky skirt and some girls just wore sweatshirts.

    they give you your own closed with shelves a room to hang clothing, but dont bring a lot of stuff to hang since theres limited room.


    more_2- i did not mean a tape recorder! i don’t know what the official name of it is. its a tiny lil thing like an inch by two inches or so. i guess it may be what one of many is referring to. don’t worry,i’m young- i know tape recorders are way out!


    For those who value sleep: earplugs, and that felt thingy they give u on planes to cover ur eyes. Trust me. Will bring much Shalom Bayis to ur room.


    oh and you need tons of insect repellent- you know, like off or something, for all those buggy tiyulim!


    Hey every1;

    Thanx 4 all ur helpful advice..the list keeps on growing…8D

    Yummy CC; I luv the idea of a recorder;) thanx

    bygirl93; Thanx 4 clarrifying that BYA, BS and MR thingy…

    Maidele; U say everythings cheap in israel; but I hear (non israeli) things r expensive and hard to find…any1 know where the truth lies???


    if you are buying american products its expensive or regular price but if you buy the israeli products its cheaper or the same- but may be lesser quality- also food-wise- i would recomend either buying with ur frends and splitting the bill- or go to the shuk or geula once a week and buy a bunch- its cheaper there- also side note- the carmel popcorn in geula is a really gud studying food!!! buy it in bulk- its one of the cheapest if not THE cheapest snacks u can find

    A nony mouse

    Do you need a very heavy winter coat in Israel?


    yes if your going to be there in teh winter! especaily cause you will most liekly be standing around waiting for buses! gloves,scareves and hats to!!!!!!!


    No, but a good jacket is a nice idea. (Don’t bring one that’s too expensive- I lost mine on the 417. This generally applies to most stuff you bring to Israel, but especially outerwear as you tend to take it off and on on public transportation where it’s likely to get lost.)

    Definitely bring rainboots, though, whatever else you bring.


    Can’t believe I didn’t comment on this.


    You did, but it was deleted.


    in yerushalayim 40 degrees is considered “cold,” (even in jan./feb. its usually ~50 degrees) so you probably dont need a ‘very heavy coat.’ it does rain a bit though, so boots/rain jacket are good to bring.


    Are seminary girls really so painted?


    I look at this list, and I see why my girls laugh at the sem girls when they come here.


    Well i just came back from spending a year in Yerushalayim where it snowed 3 times,and had power outages. No one NEEDS anything. but its a good idea to bring something that would keep one warm.


    Can’t believe I didn’t comment on this.

    I don’t think we need more than that!

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