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    What are the various hiddurim, big and small, that some people look for when choosing an esrog?


    And what are the various hiddurim, big and small, that some people look for when choosing a LULAV and the other of the arba minim?


    an esrog should be kosher period. if you start looking for the best of the best, then hashem looks into your neshomo to see if you are perfect. i just make sure that i see nothing bad with my plain eye and hope that hashem looks at me and says, not bad, have a great year.


    Sorry, Joseph, I’m not able to answer your questions.

    I feel bad though that you opened such a worthy, timely thread and you’re being ignored.

    That happens to be something I am able to help you with!

    Change the title of your thread to any one of the following:

    Shidduchim and Arba Minim

    A Mehudar Esrog is a Segulah for Shidduchim

    I Need Help Choosing a Seminary and an Esrog

    PBA Buys an Esrog

    PBA Changed his name because of a Stolen Lulav

    Rabbanim Ban Esrogim and Lulavim from Chol HaMoed Concerts

    Trump is giving away Esrogim for Free on 13th Avenue

    I hope that was helpful!


    You can drive yourself crazy trying to find a perfect esrog. People look for one without any brown spots, has a nice shape and a good color. I find it interesting to see what people think is a nice esrog based on what they bring to shul.

    Avi K

    Golfer, buying a kosher etrog and using the rest to buy your wife a nice dress is a segula for a happy marriage. Pushing expensive etrogim is a segula for parnassa if you sell them.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    The Mishna Berurah says that being machmir even on things which we pasken are muttar is a hiddur.


    a mehudar esrog just needs to look nice from how you see it when your holding it & not from close up with a magnifying glass. it should be spotless with no marks i.e. magnifying glasses are only necessary to be used if you see something without it & want to see WHAT IT IS so you look closer

    regarding Lulav. the center peice should be completely sealed-if possible- but is halachicly allowed to be opened up a little but limited to still be kosher & not called split. it should also be as green as possible even in the back but yellow in the back is still kosher. top of luvav cannot be bent over even a drop.

    lavluv haddasim are not a chiyuv its just if someone want to be more serious & also more mehudar in the mitzva

    May Hashem help everyone find a beautiful set for the beautiful mitzva. which reminds me that a person is mechyav to pay up to %20 percent more to beautify a mitzva if he can get a nicer one & doesnt cost more then %20 of the one he has now


    Golfer lol

    As a side note, while it may seems there are many threads here about shiduchim, there are actually very few or none. The closest thing to a shiduch thread was the one about moving to Canada.

    I had a few topics I considered posting about but I wasn’t sure if there was crowd for that.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Person1: “I had a few topics I considered posting about but I wasn’t sure if there was crowd for that.”

    I would probably be very interested in hearing them.


    LU have fun.


    No one ever went broke buying an overpriced beautiful esrog or by giving too much tzedakah. Have an pushke in your home for esrog purchase and start saving now for next year.

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