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    TorahMom- it’s a ridiculous factor in your decision because every seminary has girls who had internet access, supervised or not.

    Also, no offense taken. Doesn’t matter to me where your daughter goes.

    It’s not being safe to not consider a seminary that has girls who had internet access. Safe is not allowing your own daughter access.


    TorahMom, I think you are confusing means and ends. What you, what all of us, want is zaarah chaya v’kayama. Zaarah d’lo yifsok v’lo yivsul mi pisgamei Oraisah. I think you would have a better chance of obtaining that result if you were to emulate Needs Seminary Help’s mom.


    my moms fine, but thx for checking


    Im hs age and i have internet and u NEED internet in college so i dont relly have that much of a choice but i HATE electronics…. so i dont use just stam…. i only really use it for school purposes….


    Yes, but they have better options!!!

    You don’t have to go to college, nor do you have to go to a college that you need internet for!

    voos epes

    @lookingforsem lol right


    shopping 613 – so if i did that than i wouldnt b able to get a real degree sorry only touro and stern r the only real jewish colleges and im sure u need internet for them and i did all high school online!!


    Those were YOUR decisions!

    There are more options, you just saw this as best for you. And that’s okay.

    I will have different options and different choices…


    shopping 613 – you know of a not jewish college that you dont need internet? let me know about it:)


    I am not looking in to that, but I am positive there are!

    You may have to fly away and leave your family for such an option but it is.

    Each option has its good points and bad points.

    Weigh what’s best for yourself!

    And ask a rav!!!!!!!!!


    im in a good college thats right for me im in a college where many frum girls go:)

    voos epes

    How nice


    voos epes – yep:) its very nice to have such a nice college thats actually accredited where i live where they have a lot of frum girls:)

Viewing 13 posts - 51 through 63 (of 63 total)
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