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    Just wondering what my fellow coffee room friends have to say about a student who went through all 4 yrs. of high school earned a diploma is now working and njoys the job. Needs the diploma for the job because its a government based job. And the school does not want to give it because the students parents owe tuition. and now has to leave the job unless gets a g.e.d


    maybe if you explain to your boss what you explained to us, they will let you work for a while and show your diploma in a few months, after you have paid the tuition.


    Get the GED. It’s cheap, easy and does the trick.


    Maybe they will accept the transcript instead. Most schools will give you the transcript if they don’t give you the diploma. The transcript will prove that they went through all four years of HS and received all the credits they needed to graduate. They can also get a letter from the school stating that she graduated and completed all the courses and received all the credits and will receive her diploma as soon as her tuition bill is paid in full.

    the source

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    just a thought how would u like it if you did a big project at work and didnt get paid

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    Do you think it’s important for a boy who skipped 12th grade and went to Bais Medrash to get a diploma/GED? How would you go about doing that, especially if I don’t think the principal from the hi school would cooperate. He’d probably insist that he has to take a few regents and maybe even class time.

    i am here

    no i am talking about someone who worked hard to get a diploma even stayed for 12th grd because of getting the diploma then when actually needs it can NOT get it! So what is the point on working for it if you cant get it cause of parents not being able to pay tuition?


    Perhaps get in touch with the N.Y.S. department that approves the diplomas and find out if what the school is doing is legal.

    In my days college was ossur. Even though i chose to go Touro, when they started out, the high school did not want to give me my transcripts. Tuition was paid up and i had finished seminary as well. To make the long story short, i did not give up till they gave me my transcripts.

    Tell the school that you will go to the Department of State and get it from them, perhaps they will then relent.

    There is a difference between a diploma and G.E.D. Some jobs need the Regents Diploma, not such as a General Diploma or GED. Good Luck!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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