"Hihowareyougreattoseeyoubye!"Do YOU wait for the answer to "how are you"?

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    Ever wonder why some people are literally around the corner before the person even opens their mouth to respond?

    I think those people are stuck in “efficiency mode” and forget to switch to “human interaction mode”.

    It would be funny if the “abandoned speechless” victim would shout after the “efficient” well-wisher:”I feel louuuuuuusssssyyyy!Thanks for askiiiiing!”


    So true!

    Fast Forward

    Years ago, someone asked me how I was. I said not that great, had a hard day… She told me that when someone actually asks you how you are, they do not want to hear you kvetching and really are not interested in how you are. Since then, when someone asks me how I am, I just say “fine.” Was she right that no one really wants to know? I am not talking about a close friend, but more of a casual friend or acquaintance.


    Rabbi Mordchai Miller Zt”l used to say:

    What is the definition of a nudnik?

    Someone, who when asked how they are, answer in detail exactly how they are.


    Thanks, Yaff! I was going to say just that (but did not know who said it)


    I know a guy who was asked by his rosh yeshiva “how are you” while standing next to him at the coffee urn.

    Guy: Rotten.

    Rosh Yeshiva: That’s a pretty honest answer.

    Guy: Wasn’t it an honest question?

    I think that is different though, because your rosh yeshiva should be asking you that question in a serious way, not only by the coffee urn.


    He might have been having his fifth coffee before ten a.m.–which alerted his Rosh Yeshiva in the first place…


    its all in the name of multitasking u must do five things at once all the time just to keep up,i have been victimized by other peoples multitasking before i understand the challenges of raising a large family but if u constantly multitask u will forget something or someone.


    TheGoq…all the biographies of our gedolim emphasize how they (the busiest people of all) made time for EVERYONE.Amazing.


    acting paranoid, I say “what do you mean, how am I?”

    How are YOU?

    …I’m.. I’m…fine B”H

    Well.. so am I! B”H


    I ALWAYS wait for an answer, and if asked, I always reply, B”H. My attitude is whether is it good or bad, B”H on everything, “k’sheim shemivorchim al hatov, etc….”


    Along the same lines of the title:

    Whenever one of my parents call they either ask about their grandchildren straight off the bat or ask how I am as a heicha timtzah to ask how their grandchildren are doing.

    I remember a time when I used to be the most important thing in their lives, now I am nothing more than a grandchild producing machine relegated to the sidelines until the next delivery when I will be given a quick mazal tov and then summarily ignored for the reminder of their stay.

    I will at least try to always ignore my children this way they won’t feel bad when I do it for my own grandchildren. Also, in concession to the title of the thread, I will never ask them how they are doing, so that they won’t get used to it and feel bad when I won’t care anymore at the birth of their firsts.


    D.M.-Better to go against the tide,then pulled down,no?

    Meaning,from YOU onwards,things are going to be AS THEY SHOULD BE!



    minhag avosai b’yodai

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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