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    [This thread reserved in case Biden Junior gets away with his massive electoral fraud.]

    The Republicans having won the down-ballot races this year, and will be redistricting next year, should use their 2022 midterm victories, as opposition parties regularly win and they being only less than a handful of House seats to a majority, impeach the fraudulent Biden after said elections.


    No fraud, other than Trump cutting into Biden’s margin by having the US Postal Service “lose” mail-in ballots in heavily Democratic areas like Philadelphia and Detroit.

    I think that both the Senate and House of Representatives will flip in 2022. Rs will gain from House reapportionment (although not as much as they think — in TX the new districts will have to be Democratic districts). But the Senate map is difficult for Republicans in 2022, with likely D pickups in NC, PA, and WI (retirements), and competitive races in IA (Grassley will be 89) and OH.


    I will be saving this thread so when the Jewish Republicans on TYW claim that they accepted the results of the elections and that they were never planning on impeaching Biden when they get the chance that claim would be totally false.


    Jackk: The impeachment will have to wait until after your guys retake the House in 2022 since thats where any impeachment inquiry has to originate. Fortunately, you will have a good script to follow, should you decide to go down that rabbit hole. Just substitute “Hunter” for “Don Jr.” and “Ukraine” for “Russia” and perhaps find a more credible guy than a former Ohio wrestling coach who has denied allegations of ignoring abuse allegations against his athletes as your lead spokesperson.
    Instead of those silly red “MAGA” baseball hats perhaps something a bit more fashionable such as a beige or mauve Borselino with the inscription “See U in ’22” or if you want to be really in your face, big shtreimelach with a “XXX PETA” logo.


    jackk: Bookmark the thread in your browser.

    And don’t forget how well the Democrats and the left accepted their loss in 2016. And how they promised impeachment before Trump was even sworn in as President.

    emes nisht sheker

    Congrats to Joe Biden President-Elect!

    I apologize for the imbeciles here who are already talking about impeaching you. On what basis, I don’t know. But then again, these folks lack ability to think and they act solely based on their feelings even if those feelings are formed by lies. Maybe one day they will realize that having a President that does not bring out the worst in people is a good thing. Not counting on it though.


    “And don’t forget how well the Democrats and the left accepted their loss in 2016.”

    Hillary Clinton conceded the election the morning after election day.

    Trump is trying to overturn the election. And people like you are supporting him. You don’t believe in democracy and you support someone who is a moral degenerate in both his personal and his public life.

    Ben Levi

    Can we get basic facts clear?

    Right now Joe Biden is simply the projected winner by the big corporate networks.

    Legally he has not been certified as such.

    That is Fact 1

    In addition Trump is contesting the election in court, if he wins he is not “overturning” any results. Rather the courts are ruling that the networks projected the wrong results based on fraudulent ballots.

    The above are facts.

    Somehow the mainstream media has decided that it is undermining democracy to pursue a case in Court.

    Curiously when Hilary Clinton advised Joe Biden to do precisely that in the event he was the projected loser the mainstream media was silent.

    Amil Zola

    15 Judges (so far) have ruled that the claims about voter fraud are unfounded.


    @Ben Levi

    This is Fact #1

    ” Rather the courts are ruling that the networks projected the wrong results based on fraudulent ballots.”
    The lawsuits being filed make no allegations about the media predicting/calling a winner and the courts cannot rule they projected wrong results. The courts can only rule on the issues of law in the suit. The issues raise have to do with alleged fraud, counting ballots received after state imposed deadlines, and ineligible ballots being counted or ballots counted more than once (there may be a few more allegations, but not all the suits have been filed so I can’t read the pleadings yet.

    AMATEURS, such as yourself would do better to keep your mouth shut, rather than pontificate about the law….especially since you are so ignorant of the law and what rulings may be issued.

    Again, 40+ years a licensed attorney in 4 states and have taught law school as an adjunct Professor,

    BTW, Oh Brilliant One, each lawsuit calls for different remedies for different alleged harms. Some suits ask for a recount, some ask that certain ballots not be counted, some ask for a recount under different supervision than the original count. Don’t claim to know facts when it is so obvious you don’t know the law. AND>>>>>>>>>>>>>the Federal Courts have to apply State Law to most of these cases because the rules of voting (except for minimum age of 18 and allowing women to vote) are determined by the states, not the Federal Government.


    CTL: You misconstrued Ben Levi’s comment. He said that IF the courts rules in Trump’s favor and as a result the election is called for Trump, that effectively means the court rulings demonstrates that the networks called it wrong based on invalid ballots counted prior to final vote certification.


    I did NOT misconstrue anything. I read the post and attacked it verbatim,
    As we say in contract law, if it isn’t in the four corners of the document it doesn’t exist.

    The ignorant poster stated ‘the courts are ruling the networks projected the wrong results based on fraudulent ballots’
    That is patently FALSE. And based on the different claims in the different suits, it is possible that a projection was made on ballots NOT fraudulent, but counted incorrectly or legitimate ballots that arrived late and should not have been counted in a specific jurisdiction.

    Neither one of you should give up your day jobs, because you know nothing about the law, and can’t read and fully comprehend English. You completely missed the ignorant poster’s claim that the networks made their projection based on fraudulent ballots. Facts not in evidence.

    Game, set, match….post again some year after you go to law school and pass the Bar Exam. Till then stop practicing law without a license.


    CTL: You may have a better command of written language than the poster, but I have better command of understanding the intent of an imperfectly construed statement.

    As far as the law is concerned, I have a rather very good command of it. And my English comprehension is, wadr, in the top percentile.

    Ben Levi

    Actually CTL
    You did misconstrue what I posted.

    Of course the lawsuits are not about media projections of the winner.

    The media projections mean absolutely zero.

    Until the States certify the results there is no legally projected winner.

    I think you would acknowledge Jonathan Turley as being knowledgeable in law?

    He is also a Democrat, but he actually is evenhanded.

    And he explained in detail that of course there is no direct allegation of fraud. They are first alleging that the ballots were incorrectly accepted and they could not see them.

    As for the networks projecting wrongly.

    If the Projection was based on a total that included illegal votes (enough to make a difference) then it is a wrong projection.

    The person with the most legal votes is the legal winner of the election.

    No one is suing to “overturn” the results of the election.

    They are suing to determine the accurate legal results in a legal court of law.


    Ben Levi,

    Trump supporters are constantly caught in a trap of a slippery slope. This might be why Trump lost the electoral college (and the popular vote again )because Americans realize that it never stops at stage 1.
    Trump is starting with “suing to determine that accurate legal results ” and when that fails spectacularly, they will move to stage 2 which is that the state laws established were illegal and then stage 3 , stage 4 …. until they end up with simply a slogan that BIDEN STOLE THE ELECTION.
    Trump needs to be stopped at the first stage and told that he lost the election and his term is up on Jan 20, 2021.
    If Trump wants to trash elections and democracy let him move to Russia with his friend Putin.

    This way we cut out the 4th stage, which many red hatters believe already based solely on the fact that Trump lost. (Just read the title of this post).

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    How do you say any of that with a straight face?


    @Ben Levi

    I misconstrued NOTHING. I dealt with the words of your post, I am NOT a mind reader and cannot know or comment on what you meant to post or thought was implied in your post.

    I repeat there are many different lawsuits being filed or contemplated and I highly doubt Turley has read each and every one of the suits and knows that no allegation of fraud will be made.

    Ben Levi


    I am glad that I was able to clarify things for you.

    Regarding Turley.

    He was not saying no allegations “will” be made he was saying what they are currently alleging.

    At the proper stage of the process, they can be made.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “stage 4 …. until they end up with simply a slogan that BIDEN STOLE THE ELECTION.
    Trump needs to be stopped at the first stage and told that he lost the election and his term is up on Jan 20, 2021.“


    Sounds a lot like “NOT MY PRESIDENT” doesn’t it?

    emes nisht sheker

    @Ben Levi

    Please let us know what legal arguments have been presented that can possibly change the legal result of the election?

    Saying there may be legal arguments or some guy behind a landscaping saying so, does not give any basis to say the projection of the winner could be wrong.

    Let’s stop with this nonsense as your point is simply ridiculous.

    To be clear, Joe Biden won the election. Not if, or but. You want to challenge that assertion, provide legal arguments or evidence that can change this. So far, neither you, nor Trump, nor Giuliani, nor Hannity, nor Carlson have done so.

    @Syag – How do you say what you said with a straight face. You seem to have just skipped to the final state that Biden stole the election and skipped the intervening steps. Maybe that is why you don’t like jackk’s comment.


    Whatever fraud and/or irregularities are uncovered before the electoral college votes, will only represent a small portion of the actual fraud and irregularities in the voting and counting. In such a constrained and short time frame between election day and the vote certification deadline, it’ll be impossible to weed out all the fraud.

    Ben Levi

    @emes nisht sheker
    I am unsure why I am required to produce evidence nor why you feel it should be presented to you.

    Last I checked, there are several lawsuits currently being litigated. The President has lost several already, he has also won.

    Should the courts decide he has no legal recourse he has indicated he will follow the court decisions.

    As a matter of “emes nisht sheker”, until the election is certified Biden did not legally “win”.

    That is a simple fact.

    ( I will admit I personally feel that Biden will be the eventual winner, however I am growing more and more suspicious of the election primarily by the increasing hysteria from the left wing towards anything that even comes close to actual scrutiny of how the votes were tabulated. The more the left protests any attempts at transparency, the more suspicions I get that they are afraid of that transparency)


    Ben levi

    The left is not afraid of transparency.

    I would love a recount to show Trump that he lost twice.
    If you are keeping track he had lost over 10 lawsuits and won one.
    As any lawyer knows, Trump cannot waltz into a judge with affidavits and get what he wants. There are two sides and the other one vociferously disagrees with the Trump side.
    They also have witnesses and affidavits refuting every claim of Trump’s.

    Amil Zola

    The lawsuit tally so far is 15 to 1 win.

    emes nisht sheker

    @Ben Levi – let me reiterate… Joe Biden is the President-Elect. Simple as that.

    You don’t like it, please let us know what legal arguments or evidence you have so that we should consider otherwise. So far, there has not been a single legal argument or any evidence presented that could possibly change this result. How difficult is this to understand? Have you ever learned a blatt Gemara? How difficult is it to realize that there is nothing of substance that has been presented here.

    As to the lawsuits… the lawsuits… the ones that keep on getting tossed out of court… Those? Yeah, until Trump can provide the evidence or legal arguments those lawsuits are irrelevant and probably should be considered frivolous.

    Face it, Joe Biden won the election.

    Oh, if it makes it easier for you, in some of these states at issue, the legislatures have said they have no plans to break state law by certifying a slate of electors who will vote for Trump, so that avenue is pretty much shut (assuming it was not a dead-end to begin with).


    “hysteria from the left wing towards anything that even comes close to actual scrutiny of how the votes were tabulated”

    Liar. There was no hysteria. Observers from both parties were present at all times during counting. Philadelphia even livestreamed it! The Republican City Commissioner in Philadelphia attested for the Count. So did the Republican Secretary of State in Georgia and the Republican Secretary of State in Nevada. And the Department of Homeland Security also vouched for the integrity of the election.

    The frum on the outside not so frum on the inside folks who are upset that a moral degenerate lost are upset. They should instead be excited that America voted for morality and decency rather than degeneracy.

    Ben Levi


    I am aware that the NYTIMES and other assorted left wing outlets are of the opinion that Biden is the morally superior candidate.

    I am also aware the NYTIMES is run by those whose foundational beliefs are apikorsus.

    What they view as moral the Torah views as immoral.

    What they view as just the Torah views an unjust.

    What they view as beautiful the Torah views as disgusting.

    During his limited time campaigning Biden revealed his support of morally degenerate positions.

    As far as honesty. He and his entire family have been shown to not just be liars & thieves, but willing to put their own country up for sale for that purpose.

    And recently Tax filings have shown he shamelessly used his dead son to profit while raising zero for charity.

    I am sorry that the NYTIMES & CNN moral belief system does not have as much an influence on me as you.

    Ben Levi

    I understand the Dems feelings that “lawsuits” are frivolous However when no less a personage then Alan Dershowitz states that it should be an open and shut case in Penn that Trump wins I have a hard time believing you.

    Now if they win the suit and it still may not be enough to decide the election in favor of Trump, I really have no idea.

    However to state Biden is currently the President elect is flat out not true. Trump has not conceded and there is not a single State that has certified the results which would legally make him the president elect.

    I do think it probable that he will be. However what I think does not change reality.

    emes nisht sheker

    @Ben Levi – It is ridiculous that you still persist here.

    Let’s make this very easy as apparently you and some others are having trouble with basic facts and legalities.

    1. Alan Dershowitz, regardless of whether I agree with his opinion or not, said to Brietbart (which anyone talking to Brietbart I have serious doubts about) that IF the segregated ballots can make a difference THEN the supreme court could take it up. In that case he thinks Trump has a good case. Just remember the IF. There has to be enough ballots at issue before the Supreme Court would take this up, per Alan Dershowitz.

    2. PA officials have said that there is only about 10,000 segregated votes.

    3. Joe Biden leads in PA by about 67,000 votes.

    So let’s put this together. If somehow the segregated votes were not counted the most that could happen is Biden’s lead goes from 67,000 to 57,000. Biden still wins. So no, what Alan Dershowitz said would not be a valid legal argument in this election, since it clearly does not apply.

    So for the umpteenth time, Joe Biden is still president-elect. No one has presented any legal arguments nor evidence that calls this into question.

    And finally, can we stop with the semantics. It is ridiculous that you think there is an issue calling the clear winner of the election the president-elect. Trump whining about it, or refusing to concede, is ridiculous.

    Oh, as to the lawsuits being frivolous, the one or two that have relevant legal issues are one thing, but the rest are garbage. Going to court saying the count should stop or the vote not be certified because you claim you can, if given enough time, find fraud is getting old. By that logic, anyone who wants to, can contest a vote based on eventually finding fraud and elections would be meaningless.

    To restate, because you and some others are having trouble with this… Joe Biden is the President-elect. You want to deny that, then present evidence or valid legal arguments.

    Reb Eliezer

    Why someone who violates shabbos befarhasya, openly is worse than doing it privately? Logic would tell us that doing it openly should be considered better as the difference between a ganov and the gazlon where the ganov is afraid of people but not G-d whereas the gazlon is not afraid of either. Violating shabbos openly shows that he does it lehaches, to irriate G-d whereas privately is done letaovan, from desire. Trump shows his despicable behavior openly whereas Biden’s behavior is not revealed openly.

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