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    would anyone know exactly which cake and cookie decorating products have hisachdus hashgocha? am interested in products like glycerin, decorative powders, food colors, etc.


    there are many bakeries in brooklyn under hisachdus. I have seen some of their kitchens not all products are hisachdus however, the CRC approves of their use. Go to a CRC bakery and see what they use and then you will know what you can buy that is approved by CRC

    me too

    Isn’t it much simpler to contact the ??????? directly?

    They are listed as Central Rabbinical Congress in the Brooklyn Phone book



    I’m gone from the US for 4 years but my recollection is that one of the major haimish labels of cake decorating type supplies is indeed under the Hisachdus and one other major certifier. I do not think it is Lieber’s. It might be the newer one that has a pic of a chef’s hat as its logo.

    Go into any major grocery and check :).


    Make a trip to any Heimishe grocery and youll see in a minute.


    i don’t think any bakery will let me into their back room to see the products they use. i know all the products that are available in the kosher supermarkets. i am looking for more unusual decorating products such as food colors in unusual colors, glycerin, colored powders, etc.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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