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    As per human nature we always feel the need to collect, store, and have surplus of things that we may or may not use. On the extreme side you can call it hoarding and on the other end of the spectrum where you only keep what you need, minimalist. If you start to think you would find so many things in your house which are only taking up space and nothing more.

    There are many youtube videos and books on minimalism but it seems people have different definitions of it. In essence many go with just the bare essentials like having 1 fork, no bed just sleep on floor and so on. I would call that bare essentialism and not minimalism.

    We should definitely just have only what we need, but to actually HAVE what we need. Meaning 1 fork and no bed is cutting down on quality of life. The idea is to cut on quantity but raise the quality of life.

    What are some things you would cut out or reduce from your life? Can be physical possessions, or even just way of life for example who you socialize with, etc.
    Do you feel any benefit of being more of a hoarder or more of a minimalist?


    @rightwriter, yes it keeps the Mental Health Professionals gainfully employed


    Well there is an effect on people living in clutter vs organized open space. Whether you notice or not living in a mess has a strong negative effect on the mind causing difficulty thinking rationally or having a clear mind.

    On the other hand an organized open space can make one feel very relaxed and have harchavas hada’as. And to achieve that and make it easier is by having less stuff. Again that doesn’t mean you should throw out things you need. But take a look, how many things are just sitting around taking space which you never use or intend to use?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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