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    It disturbs me to see on the front page of Hamodia a PSA purportedly written by R’ Chaim about the “machshirim hatemayim”. Without getting into a discussion about the content of the proclamation or how it might have come to be written, I’d like to know why the label above it declares that it is “ksav kodesh”- is it because R’ Chaim has achieved the status whereby everything he writes is cannonical and equivalent to Tanach, etc.? Is it being used carelessly simply to flaunt the agenda and embellish the content? Something else?

    Believe me that I’m not kidding when I say that just as the far left is slowly detaching themselves unwittingly from Yiddishkeit, so is the far right.


    Does it bother you as much when an original is shown as Ksav Yad Kodsho? Did the Rashba become Tanach? Are you perhaps bothered by the message rather than the terminology? Say so.


    Interesting that you think this was personally motivated. I disagree with the message as a blanket statement, yes, but I am not bothered by it personally. As far as the Rashba goes, his commentary on Shas is indeed part of our Torah, but not any of the death threats he wrote. They should label these PSAs as celebrity endorsements, which is what they are, and not as Holy Writ.


    Squeak: What “death threats” written by the Rashba do you refer to?

    (Also, what’s the non-far right in your estimation?)

    Anyway, you didn’t get HaLeivi’s point – a gadol‘s own handwriting is referred to as “ksav kodesh”, but that does NOT imply intention to include it in the “Kisvei Kodesh” – the Tanach. Hebrew, of course, has no capital letters…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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