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    Does anyone know about homeschooling in NYC. I live in NYC and principal is not allowing my children back next year. He is abusing his power but …meanwhile since no school will accept children at this point. If i want to avoid them going to public school, I would have to register to be homeschoolilng.

    Anyone can also give me support/advice if you went through this with your children’s school.



    It is not easy to Homeschool in New York, You need to be a licensed teacher, there are websites that homeschoolers frequent


    How old are the children? Are they old enough for online school?


    Chabad has online schooling for towns too small for a school and ttheir kids too young to go out of town.


    In many states anyone can homeschool, Just not in NY




    Please don’t take this the wrong way. Our kids are the most important thing we have. We were faced with a similar issue. If home schooling is not done 100% ACS (child services) gets involved and that is the last thing you want.

    I would move to Brooklyn or another area to save my kids. Home School is not always the answer, a kid needs a social life as much as an education. If I can help in any way ask the Mod for my info.

    All the best and Good Luck.


    You can find summaries of the legal requirements online(which do not include having a teaching license – if that were the law then all the private schools in New York would be in trouble for using unlicensed teachers since under “equal protection” they can’t demand something of home schoolers that they don’t demand of the elite private schools, not to mention the hasidic yeshivos). I suggest the website of the Home School Legal Defense Association. While New York has a reputation for disliking home schoolers, if one doesn’t try to rub it in their face one probably won’t have problems. Other options include establishing a “school” which is de facto what many home schooling “groups” evolve into. — There are many organizations that can help with the legal aspects, though only a few Jewish-oriented ones (Limudei kodesh can be a big problem, especially for home schooling boys, since virtually no women can teach gemara meaning you need a largely unemployed husband to teach the boys).


    so to answer my children are in elem. school

    and thank you to all who replied.

    However, i am not sure some of you understand that since obviously the principal will be held accountable by Hashem for kicking jewish kids out of yeshiva for no reason, at the same time he did it now. What school will accept kids now, end of june? none because schools are full by dec-feb. already where i live \

    so if it is a choice of them going to public school or being homeschooled with not such good hebrew studies then obviously it is better for them to avoid public school and be homeschooled, the parent homeschooling has a teaching license so that is not the issue

    YW Moderator-127

    Schools do accept kids over the summer. I was going to be home schooled at one point, and was accepted to a school over the summer. You need to use all the protektzia you can get.

    Tell your neighbors, friends, Rabbi, etc. and G-d willing your children will be in a school by next year. Don’t give up. Dedicate time every day to calling people.

    On the other hand, if you really want to home school, that is a valid choice. But you shouldn’t feel forced into it.


    Involuntary home schooling is a shanda.

    While it may be necessary to home school in the case of a child’s illness or if one lives in a community that doesn’t have a school – it is an outrage if someone can’t get into a frum school. Unless someone wants to homeschool, they shouldn’t be forced to do so, and are very unlikely to be successful.


    to the person who posted that we should not be forced into it. Well, what would our rabbi have power to do? If the principal does not want my children in the school, he could even make up lies to another school about my children.

    One of the issues involved is that the child of the board-member bullied my child. So, the situation is complex. I called the other school in my neighborhood but principal wants to speak to the old principal and what if they are playing “phone tag”? As of now, they SURELY DO NOT HAVE ROOM FOR MY YOUNGER CHILD and wont even return my call to set up an interview.

    Hashem is in charge but meanwhile it is an outrage that this is a very frum school I am talking about but if they are full they are full!!

    Hashem will hold the principal accountable for doing this to Jewish children because as I said above my children did not do anything wrong for this to happen.


    Please no Public School – there are people who can help. Nechomas Yisroel 718-871-7197 can help. they place kids into Yeshivas / schools all the time.

    I dealt with a kid of ours who was thrown out of school and it did not take long for her to become a non religious.

    I am here to help but the MOD wont let me post my info.


    Re: Involuntary homeschooling

    I suggest determining who is the posek (or poskim) of the people running the school. One can make an argument that by halacha the Jewish child is entitled to a Jewish education, and that one can ask a Beis Din to order the school (which in practice means appealing to the gedolim who serve as the poskim of the principle/board/etc.).


    thanks for that number

    Hopefully they can help me

    Meanwhile akuperma it is interesting that you point that out.

    I dont think there is a posek/poskim who runs the school which is why it is becoming corrupt as the board has all the power BECAUSE OF THE MONEY THEY HAVE!! this school just fired the principal three years ago because he went against the board even though he established a great yeshiva with midos….and now this new principal is more of a puppet

    so I highly doubt that they ask a posek decisions about who to keep and accept in their school especially since the principal quotes all these great mechanchim whenever he wants to support his ideas!! (of course i dont believe that mechanech would condone him kicking my children out but the principal chooses what he wants to follow- CORRUPTION AT ITS FINEST!!)

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