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    This article was found on cros currents blog, and I’m posting it to publicize the horrid things the Jewish Week says and to get people to boycott the paper. Go on, read it, let me know what you think.

    “As the Kletzky family began the shiva period and Jews everywhere joined in their mourning, and as millions of persons who are not Jewish felt the pain, there was one notable exception to the universal grief over the murder of young Leiby. That exception was the Jewish Week of New York, a community newspaper that over the years has specialized in targeting Orthodox Jews, depicting us as engulfed in wrongdoing, notably of a financial or other nature.

    It was not to be. The assignment for the main story at the top of page one in the current issue went to Winston, whose stock and trade includes anonymous sources, innuendo, surmises and believing the worst about the Orthodox. She flourishes in a netherworld of journalism. The fact that she was given the assignment is telling, because it meant that she was given a green light to utilize the tragedy to target the Orthodox. This is striking in its inappropriateness.

    This is sick and despicable. If there is any decency left at the Jewish Week, it would apologize.”


    Just about everyone long knows that the Jewish Week is an anti-semitic rag. It keeps getting smaller B”H, both the pages and the subscriber base (as their subscribers intermarry and the children are goyim.)


    The one value to continuing your column is that none of the readers would otherwise hear an Orthodox viewpoint. How many Jewish Week subscribers also buy the occasional issue of the Jewish Press or Hamodia?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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