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    Why do some people vent all there frustrations on the Hosha’nos, utterly decimating all the leaves, and leaving the unlucky shul attendant wish a mess to clean up?

    And some always hit them softly, in a controlled manner, without turning it into a be’zoyoin Mitzvah.

    I’m more inclined to the doing it the second way.

    What’s the correct (and if it’s a violent way, justifiable) behaviour?

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    actually, there is an inyan for leaves to fall off the hoshanos, not sure where its from but they announced it in shul


    They think its a test of manliness to see how many leaves they can knock off.


    Why do some people vent all there frustrations on the Hosha’nos because our entire current calendar was formulated just so that Hoshna Rabba will never fall out on Shabbos not to miss this all important fete of banging 5 Arovos 5 times on the floor. So this is such an important time to bang with all of our might.


    I hit the hoshanos softly. If nothing falls off, so be it. People think they are more frum if they shred them. You’re right, its worse to make the poor shames clean all of that up.


    Some think that the Hoshanos beating is supposed to sound like a huge downpour. So you need to hit it hard but not constantly beating. They should be hit 5 times, not more. Al Pi Kabalah there is an Inyan to have some leaves fall off. I often beat it 5 times into the ground moderately hard. If no leaves fell off, I pluck two off with my hands and then pick them up before I leave Shul.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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