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    2 Shabboses ago was Shabbos Nachamu. Since Tisha B’av was on Thursday, people were allowed to start doing laundry Friday morning instead of having to wait until after chatzos. I do not want to get into those halachos now as it will hopefully be irrelevant by the time next Tisha B’av comes around.

    This reminded me of an issue that I noticed and found a possible solution for. Many people will have a problem in their house where the hot water will run out after a bunch of people take showers. This problem usually is worse on Erev Shabbos when every member of the household plus guests need to take a shower during the same period of time so the hot water doesn’t have time to reheat. I also noticed that many people will do laundry on Erev Shabbos. I am not sure if the washing machines and showers get their hot water from the same source but I assume that in many houses they do and therefore you can possibly alleviate the hot water problem by doing the laundry on Thursday or as early as possible Friday morning.


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    …or run the washing machine on a cold wash / cold rinse cycle.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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