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    anyone know any nice hotels in tzfat to stay over shabbos?


    There r no nice hotels in tzfat. the hotels there are discusting. however you can get a nice zimmer- apartment.

    But the mercaz hotel is suposed to be the nicest of the worst….


    The Rimon Inn is great.


    I know of a nice hotel nearby next to the Kinerit with Shomer Shabbos Management and they have a whole shabbos program with davening, food etc… The hotel is called “THE KINAR”


    as long as its clean i dont care if its not 5 stars, we just need a place that also provides meals.

    netazar…i stayed in rimonim in eilat, and it was really nice…but does the one in tzfat provide shabbos meals?

    Tzvi Hirsh


    The Rimon is a lovely clean place. But I dont know who gives the Kosher certification. Shuls are a 20 minute walk and on a rainy day it can be difficult.

    The Ron hotel is also nice and has Glatt kosher food

    The newer part of the Tel Aviv Hotel is clean and might have Sabbath food in the winter.

    The Merkas is clean and should have kosher food

    Ascent is a Hammish very clean and affordable hostel with family rooms without food.

    There is a take out food place called Mendies which I am told has good food. Also the is a lovely Sabbath small family restaurant called the Eshell which I highy recommmend for its good food and ambiance, right in the center of the religious area.

    Warning Safed is a lovely city except when it is raining. Check the weather at:

    Click Safed and the 3 day forcast


    Nisht ahe- Kinar is in Teveriyah I think.

    Tzvi Hirsh

    The Kinar is on the eastern side if Lake Kanerek about 20 minute ride by car or taxi from the center of Teveria. In the winter make sure that there is a Minyan if you need one


    ummm thanks guys but we wanna be in tzfat for shabbos….



    I stayed here when I was in Tzfat for shabbos:

    The Rose

    It was gorgeous….and not expensive

    But there are hotels in the old city of tzfat- just theyre rundown and ugly. The most common one is the Ron Hotel- and they also have a good hechsher


    I also recommend the Rimon Inn- it’s nice, has a rustic feel to it. The hechsher is Rabbanut but we spoke to the Mashgiach and he told us which meat/chicken is glatt and he told us that he maasers all the veg/fruit.

    I seem to remember that everyone in the hotel was Shomer Shabbos which is a plus.

    Also, they had a walking tour on Shabbos, another plus.

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