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    I went to shule, ate breakfast, and now I’m going to shave and go to the grocery store.

    שבוע טוב וחודש טוב לכלם


    Sunday is no different than Tuesday or Wednesday.


    The mirzvah of talmud torah applies fully on Sunday for those who need to work the rest of the week.


    I went to shul, learned for an hour after minyan. Came home and had breakfast. Took my daughters shopping (things we needed for the house).
    Grilled lamb chops on the bbq for our lunch.
    Came inside and hung some pictures, did some minor repairs on some baseboards that were dinged up and then painted them.
    Just took a swim (glad the pool is heated).
    Am going to relax for another half hour.
    Late afternoon learning with two grandsons and 6:30 supper with about a dozen family members.
    Then at 8 head to shul for minyan followed by an hour learning with chavrusa.
    Tomorrow is another ‘free’ day since Juneteenth is now a legal holiday.

    Amil Zola

    Personal care day, enjoying the rain and cool weather. Guests for dinner tonight.


    Ctl, two sedorim of learning – amazing! Maybe there’s even more time you can find?


    Went to a Father’s Day barbeque.
    Don’t tell me it’s ossur.
    Had a great time with family


    I spent a lot of the day looking through some storage for a letter.


    Went to work. Here in Israel, Sunday is the start of the work week.


    I just spent my Sunday making a cheshbon hanefesh of the previous week and how each day was spent and if was spent wisely with appreciating every day and hour Hashem gave me to live or are we just taking our life for granted and letting it fly by without spending our time smart and wisely. “Uvacharta Vachaim” choose life….. And appreciate every day of life Hashem gives us to live.


    Having become a widower last summer, time spent caring for Mrs. CTL Z”L is now available for other things. I have scaled back my workload and am officially semi-retired.
    Thus I can spend time learning after Schacharit and Maariv.
    What’s the rush to get home to an empty house?
    I am enjoying the luxury of learning for as long as I wish each day


    Sundays are the worst day of the week. You’re neither here nor there. I want to accomplish everything but it’s like “ should I leisurely enjoy this day” ( hiking, bicycle adventure, gardening or painting or writing) or do I tackle a major sewing project and touch up painting the base boards?
    I ended up ironing everything and finishing all the laundry, vacuuming, dishes, and insignificant stuff that felt so major. Then at sunset went out for a walk with my husband and bought ice cream pops and enjoyed in a nice secluded local park.


    I ended up going to the grocery store today (Monday) instead of yesterday. Since my wife is away for a few days, I spent the time cleaning up and putting stuff away from Shabbat.


    Did no one else find time yesterday to say the beautiful Yom Kippur Katan tefilla? Try it once; when you see how meaningful it is, you’ll want to say it every month. 🙂


    Eating left over cholent

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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