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    kay so i want to buy a iPod but i rally dont know much about them! i am not sure how many gb to get! is 8 good enough or should i get 32 or 64?


    the bigger the better. if money aint the prob.


    Depends what you want to use it for. Tip – download iTunes, load it up with everything you plan on putting on your ipod, and see how much memory it will need.


    Actually, they don’t make Ipod’s in 30G anymore, except for the Itouch which is web-enabled (pretty much the same as the Iphone, except without a phone). If you’d rather avoid that, go with the Ipod classic which comes with a much larger drive. If you’re looking for small, think Nano (max is 16G) or Shuffle. My son has a classic with 160G and he has it loaded with shiurim, which are of course, much larger then music files. Plus photos and backups from his computer. I have his old 30G video and enjoy it very much since I can put enough on there to cover any “mood” of what I want to listen to without having to sync it very often.

    No matter which way you go, it’s a great product!


    get the 5th gen 16 gig!! its really good!!


    really depends what you plan on using it for. for some people, like my brother, 8 gb is more than they’ll ever use. they like to have a few CDs worth of music that they listen to over and over. for me, i use almost all 80 gb of my ipod. but i use it completely differently–i load music, videos, and photos. in addition to all that, i often use it as a flash drive. another thing to consider is if you plan on listening more to music or shiurim. 1 shiur will take up significantly more space than 1 song.

    good luck!


    you might as well get the biggest you can…that way you can have pictures and stuff without it using up half your space…..


    so i want to get a ipod touch-what is the difference between all the generations? i really dnt know much about ipods but really want one!!


    The biggest difference with the Itouch (aside from the touch screen interface) is the fact that it has built in WiFi. To many people, that’s problematic.


    I had an iPod touch that I used for college last year. It’s a good product; I really enjoyed being able to go online & use different apps with it.

    However, I had to return it after a week, since I’m a guy with big fingers & it was a pain trying to touch the correct buttons. I tried but it’s just too small, just like many phones nowadays.

    Either way what are you getting it for? Music? Shiurim?…I just downloaded 70 (1-hour long) shiurim onto my mp3 player (it’s actually a Sony ICD-UX200 recorder) last night & it took up less than 1GB, so maybe that can give you a ball park figure of what to look for if that’s what you are using it for.


    While looking over other’s comments, it occurred to me that unless you are listening to one shiur after another, without interuption the entire day, and will not be able to get near your computer to sync your Ipod on a regular basis, you can easily get by even with an 8G Nano. Let’s assume you’re listening to shiurim (larger files then music). If you sync your Ipod every so often, you can easily change what’s on there, since all your files remain on your computer in your Itunes library.

    For example, in addition to having shiurim of all types on my Ipod, I like to make playlists by themes, such as Pesach, Shavous, etc. When Pesach passed, I unchecked all my Pesach shiurim, and removed them from my device (you can set up the Itunes to only copy checked items).


    “When Pesach passed, I unchecked all my Pesach shiurim, and removed them from my device (you can set up the Itunes to only copy checked items).”

    This is good advice & I do it as well. There are a number of good FREE shiurs by rabbis such as Rabbi Noach Weinberg, Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Rabbi Dr Dovid Gottlieb & many more.

    I used to ride the train everyday (2 hour round-trip, 5 days a week) & carrying/reading a book was not only hard, but dangerous at times. But I found that with my mp3 I could get in an extra 10 hours a week of learning a week (& unlike a real shiur, you can play it back to catch things that you might have missed). Technology, if used correctly, can be a very great tool in learning Torah.

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