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    I have an awesome idea. All your daughters are going to love playing with this thing. Yiddishe nachas. Yiddishe cuteness!

    But how on earth do I begin? I need a industry in China to start manufacturing, I need a patent, I need a lawyer? Please advise.

    Money will be no object, as I have a very rich father, the GROISE TATE IN HIMMEL, who said in “I will bless you in everything you DO”. The point is we have to do the hishtaldus.


    Just tell us the idea, and I’ll figure out how to patent it.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Make sure yo umail your self your idea and leave the envelope sealed. That will serve as proof of when you had your idea in case anyone tries to make it theirs.

    Get an artist or designer to draw it out (if that is what is needed) (my dad used to be that person) and bring the whole “idea” to a manufacturer or producer of that item, such as a toy manufacturer, publisher etc. You hire a patent lawyer to submit the idea for a patent somewhere during this process and to advice you on how to make sure your idea is not stolen.

    If they like your idea, they may buy it and worry about production themselves.


    Is it a book about the CR, posters, threads, posts, mods etc?


    Ideas are in your head. Patents and trademarks require a lawyer

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Syag Lchochma- excellent advice, just to add on to it- nowadays you can often print a model with an online 3D printing service. If you have an actual model it might be easier to sell the idea to a mass manufacturer.

    a mamin

    Always runs: good to hear from you! How are you and the children doing?


    keep in mind you should not discuss this with anyone without having a non disclosure agreement completed.

    also, you need someone to do a product search to see if there is anything similar on the market.

    try to get a referral from someone you know that is honest and will not rip you off.

    do not make a corporation for your business before seeing if this item is doable.


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    a mamin

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    a mamin

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    Well thanks for asking, and we’re doing fine, thank G-d.


    Make sure yo umail your self your idea and leave the envelope sealed. That will serve as proof of when you had your idea in case anyone tries to make it theirs.

    This is what the copyright office has to say on the matter:

    Of course you need to take into account that they may be biased, they’re in the business of selling copyright protection.

    a mamin

    Always runs : it’s true, usually I can’t associate a user name with their posts, but a couple do stick out in my mind. Yourself and the off the derech post.I’m happy to hear you and your children are doing well!


    In response to your post, hopefully you have already conceived of your idea. That is the first stage of invention.

    You need to decide what your idea is: is it a new invention- (device, process of doing something, material, etc)? Then it may be patentable.

    Is it a writing, music, etc. Then go for copyright.

    Is it is a design of the product or name that identifies you as the source of origin-then trademark.

    I’m guessing it is a patent. Try to design a drawing or try to build it or have a factory build it.

    The other thing you can do is search Google or Google patents. Try to see if your idea is out there before you waste money.

    Then try to find a patent agent or attorney. The patent office maintains a database of them. Google it. Find one in your area. A patent agent would probably be cheaper as they don’t have a law degree but they are effectively the same as an attorney.

    You can also represent yourself, but it isn’t a good idea, because its much harder.

    Hope that helps.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Dash – not surprised. This was just something I remember my dad doing 20-30 years ago.

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