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    hi all,

    I recently published an English sefer on Lomdus (lomdishe essays), and would like to get it into the hands of yeshiva bochurim. Any ideas on how I can go about doing that? Where/how should I be advertising? (Optimally I want to strategically get one or two bochurim in a yeshiva into it, and then let them take care of selling it in that yeshiva. I would do this with as many yeshivas as I can.)

    I’m just not sure how to go about doing this. Any advice or insight much appreciated. (So far it’s been a big hit, everyone I give it to loves it.)

    Please only serious replies.


    What’s the name of the Sefer and where can it be obtained?


    I don’t have any advice but mazal tov for your sefer!

    Actually, one way of publicising your sefer could be to upload it to Hebrewbooks and/or to Otzar Hachochma. Anyone who has either of these two will have access to your sefer and you can use them as a reference. Just a suggestion.



    serious posts gets serrious replies

    Reb Eliezer

    Show a sample on your ad with the title Lomdus in English.


    Actually, if you could get the sefer into the hands of several well known roshei yeshiva or magidai shiur, it might have a more substantial affect that sending free copies to a few bochurim at yeshivos. Finding an askan or two associated with the releveant mosdos might facilitate getting the sefer visibility.
    I suspect there are so many new seforim being produced, that most simply never get the visibility they deserve in Jewish book stores and anonymous mailings also are unlikely to grab attention in the clutter of mailings.


    Which Rabbonim have given a haskamah/approbation to it?
    Is the Haskamah/approbation printed in the sefer?
    Has a copy been sent to the Hamodia newspaper for review?
    Have you thought about advertising it in yeshivish english newspapers?

    meir G

    its simple- ads dont get seforim to yeshiva bochurim .
    step 1. print a sample pamphlet with a few pieces on the perokim currently being learned in the yeshivos gedolos
    2. there are sign distributers that drop pamphlets like toras avigdor, alim letrufa, peninim.. rav biderman..etc..
    most yeshiva bochurim barely make it to a seforim store you would do better with the many kollelim


    Your best bet would probably be advertising and marketing it as a sefer for bochurim who are struggling understanding lomdos.

    The typical bocher and yeshiva who is already into lomdus would not be interested in a English language lomdus sefer . The ones who would be interested are the ones who are trying to understand lomdus in the first place. But once you get those bochurim to look it it it will have a presence in the Yeshivos.


    Have Rabbi Yair Hoffman write a (if deserved) glowing article about it on this & other sites with a link to purchase it at a deeply discounted price. Very few contemporary seforim by unknown authors make it, they usually end up in shaimos or collecting dust. Even great Roshei Yeshivos had little mazel with their seforim.


    get bmg to published.


    Welcome to the CR, hope to see your comments with some deeper thoughts


    Commen saychel, everything’s good?


    Mistama’ you have to cater this Sefer to bochrem who need a little extra help.


    I would love to see this Sefer, how can I get one?


    Chafetz Chaim used to travel and sell the books himself (after checking that they are printed correctly).
    Maybe that’s the secret?


    The Sefer is NOT intended to be only for weak bochurim. I have shown it to many top yungerliet who are alumni of prestigious yeshivos (e.g. Brisk and the like) and now learn in BMG in Lakewood and they really enjoyed it. So it can be enjoyed by everyone from mesivta bochur and up.


    It’s on Amazon do a search for Lomdus or Lomdus on the Parshah. Shmos and Vayikra currently available.


    “can be enjoyed by everyone from mesivta bochur and up.”

    Can be enjoyed and will be enjoyed are not the same

    I find it hard to imagine, such a sefer becoming popular among “many top yungerliet ”

    I think you will find more success marketing it to “non-top” bochurim and yungelit who are struggling a bit


    People out of yeshiva as a reminder to the lomdus they once appreciated back in the day. “Relive the glory days of yeshiva ” or something like that

    just my 2 cents


    Best bet is to write it in Hebrew, like all lomdishe seforim for the last thousand years. Seforim written in English or any other non-jewish language are a recipe for mediocre talmudic scholarship. Same for sifrei halachah and shutim.


    @rational I would urge you to actually take a look at one of the essays/shtiklach in the Sefer and then tell me if you still think it’s mediocre.


    This is a remarkable sefer. I bought both recently. I would encourage you to keep producing more and more of this.

    I would say that you need to reach out to Eichlers, Z Berman, and the like. I would also suggest getting copies to people like R’ Yair Hoffman, Ben Rothke, and using facebook to promote it. I’d also consider an ad in the Yated or Hamodia.

    Lastly, if you set up a fundraising page, it would help and I would donate.


    I agree that a good approach would be to market this as a sefer on each of the yeshiva masechtos, and people will put up pashkevilin, as suggested above.

    This would sell like hotcakes, especially among bts, gerim, and people with learning disabilities. There are also lots of working people who don’t have hours to learn who would like a geshmake vort to say over.

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