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    Since I’m only 15, I find it hard to stay in my parents home every shabbos as I have no one to be with because no one in my house is shomer shabbos, how can I find places/people to stay with for some shabbatot, thanks

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Have you tried


    Have you joined NCSY, they have shabbatons in alot of places

    Participant is a great idea.


    Do you have a teacher or rabbi you can ask? I’m sure people would be thrilled to have you over.


    which city or town do you reside in? is there a large torah community there or is it a more suburb town? contact the chabad located in your town & im sure they can help you besides also try



    I was in the same situation as you. I am older now and BH my family has made alot of progress since I first became frum. Reach out to local rebbetzins in your area or frum families. It’ll get easier as time goes on and iyH when you start your own family. Good luck! try or ncsy

    Participant might have age restrictions Im not sure, so that site might not work for you.

    Daya Zooger

    Call any orthodox jew. Tell them that you’re in a situation where it is challenging to observe, and that you’d like to spend shabbos with an observant family. I don’t know anyone who could have the heart to refuse such an open request. (If they can’t host you they should be able to make arrangements for you…)

    Search for numbers of orthodox synagogues across the fruited plain…


    Sorry but that is really bad advice. You NEVER call a stranger. You need to go to people who are vetted a little bit. Unfortunatly just because someone is an orthodox jew, doesnt mean its appropirate for someone to go to their house if you dont know them


    I’d say that this is something your rabbi, you, and your parents need to discuss. Even though they don’t share the same religious views as you, they’re still your parents, and you’re still a minor. Legally, they’re still responsible for you. So I’d suggest arranging a meeting so that everyone can be on the same page. Otherwise, it could lead to problems, ch”V.


    Okiale:- Please be my guest for Shabbos. When I chanted “Kol deiTzerich Yeissei veYeichol” it was an extended invitation for all Shabbosses, especially this year that this phrase was chanted on a Leil Shabbos..

    Burnt Steak

    Okiale as zahava said, look into NCSY. Also look into Bni Akiva, they have shabbatons. Make connections with people in those youth groups and stay with friends. Depending on the area you are in, there might be other organizations. Talk to your local Rabbi to find out if there other organizations that have shabbatons. I know Yachad has shabbatons for high schoolers (Yachad is an organization under the OU that promotes people interacting with special needs individuals. Yachad also has shabboatons for middle schoolers and communities.)

    I went away to a dorming MO Yeshiva for high school, I stayed at my classmates houses every 3rd week, sometimes more. Staying with friends is a great way to get out of your parents house for the weekend.

    147 – Theoretical question, if someone were to go spend a shabbos at your place, would the discussion be about different phrases and calendar dates? Are you secretly a baseball fan and talk about it all the time? What is a shabbos at your place like? Also can I be invited?


    Three words: Chabad.

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