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    With everything going on in Israel, I feel guilty sitting calmly @work, going about my day.


    There is a list going around facebook and I saw it on Janglo, an american-israeli website, with phone numbers of pizza stores in dangerous areas in Israel. Call up, order a pie for a family living amid the terror here in israel! Order me a pie even though I live in Yerushalayim where its business as usual aside from occasional air raid sirens…

    And pray.


    Go join the army.


    The Aish Hatorah website that pou_bear links to says the following.

    Pray for the safety of our soldiers, for the protection of every Jew in Israel, and for the wisdom of our political and military leaders.

    Support the I.D.F. by sending goodies, care packages, and letters of support.

    Undertake mitzvot, good deeds, donations to charity, and Torah learning in the merit of the people of Israel. Judaism teaches that every mitzvah generates merit, and just as you can send your money to wherever you choose, you can send your merit to wherever you choose.”

    Of course, all that is true.

    However, there is one more thing. Chazal say that Achdus leads to military victory. If there was a way to channel the desire for revenge, the desire to help, etc. into Achdus somehow, it could lead to an actual victory (= destruction of Hamas) rather than “quiet for quiet.”


    That’s what I pray for. Not just quiet, but an stop to terrorism all together.

    It’s frustrating to keep going in circles. I was wondering how long we have to wait for Geula. Then I prayed, please help us to do what we need to do so the Geula can come already

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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