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    This is not a thread about working vs. learning. This is a thread about helping people who have recently lost their jobs (or are feeling unstable in their current one and would like to jump ship).

    I know of a number of people who have unfortunately lost their job recently. Not to mention many others who are afraid and looking over their shoulder. Anyone who is or ever was a breadwinner (and second income earners are breadwinners too, if their family relies on their earnings) knows how frightening this situation is. A breadwinner without a job is a desperate state to be in, may Hashem protect us from knowing anymore about this.

    I was wondering if we can use the CR to network, in order to help anyone who is in this kind of trouble get another job, as quickly as possible. I know that there are other sites and organizations that do this kind of work, but I don’t think that adding a topic like this here can do any harm. Of course, the most important part of networking is centralizing the information, so anything that goes up here should also get posted on other sites. But having this thread may encourage the people here to find out about possible openings in their company (those who are working) and since people are comfortable here and may not be on other sites, let them post it here and then take it to the next step.

    In consideration of the desire that (most) posters have to remain anonymous, I would suggest that any real leads be emailed to a moderator, who can post the information without revealing the source. The moderator could post the pertinent information and then interested parties (including job seekers and their friends looking out for them) would contact the moderator to get contact information (minus the screen name, of course).

    I see this as an opportunity to perform tremendous chesed. I don’t know about any open jobs right now and it frustrates me that I can’t help people in this situation. I hope that a united effort can lead to some good. Thank you, everyone.


    Plese check out the Yeshiva World Classifieds which can help you out on this.


    Yes, but I wouldn’t post a classified ad unless I was the one offering the job. What about if I know of an opening in a certain company that I have no control over, but I might be able to help with the process. That’s what I’m getting at. Networking.


    squeak- we finally have the zechus of witnessing one of your very rare serious moments. But i’m happy you brought this up and will not make choizik by saying “apply as a mod to YWN” or some such nonsense.


    A CR poster sent us this info:

    “there was an opening in Ateret Avot recently (nursing home in Brkln, NY) as Mr. Scharf’s secretary (not exactly a breadwinner’s position- but i guess it depends how desperate a person is). I don’t know if it’s still available, but the phone # is (718)998-5400; fax (718)645-8600.”


    The classifieds link is not working!


    For people with degrees: Check on for career postings.

    They aren’t fast about getting back to people, but if you get a job here, its pretty stable.

    As a warning, they don’t pay as much as other industry jobs.

    There is also a website for consulting work, I have to go dig it up.


    I am looking more in the Chinuch area.


    Tomche Shabbos of Rockland County is very involved in matching up people who need jobs with those who are looking for employees. I don’t know where you live, but you may want to send them an email at [email protected] to see if there’s anything they can match you up with.

    P3 maven

    If you hold a NYS teaching certificate you are able to do P-3. There is a new agency opening called AlwYs a Step Ahead. They send providers into yeshivahs and have an after school program as well!! They are located in Brooklyn. If you are qualified or want more information call now! 917-660-7173 pr e-mail at [email protected]

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