How could it be that one who picks up an idol acquires it? It's the goy's rshus!

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    Isn’t it gezel? Lets see what we can dig up here from the Gemora.

    Mekor: Avodah Zorah 31b Gilyonei HaShas


    Would the Gemarah say that Rochel Emainu was a gazlanit?


    No, because the Gemora says the opposite of what I say. I am makshey on the sugya.

    An answer would be that because the laws of kniyah weren’t enacted yet, because they are midrobonon, and so Rochel Imainu wasn’t oiver on any tokonoh because the tokonoh didn’t exist yet.


    Depends on what you mean by “picks up”. Do you mean “picks up without knowing what it was”, “picks up to melt down in the foundry”, “picks up in a container full of unsorted storage locker contents”, “picks up to install in a temple dedicated to Something with tentacles” or something else? There are serious differences between all of these based on knowledge, intent and consequences.


    Picks up. No matter what intent. Even if he wants to be mevatel the avoidah zorah (which he can’t because a Yid can’t be mevatel a goy’s idol)


    see Rosh Rosh HaShonoh Perek Gimel:9


    He quotes there that an Avodah Zarah is muttar if it is crushed, like the ashes of an Ir Nidachas which can be used for covering the blood. Also a lulav from Avodah Zarah is muttar (not from Asheirah).

    He also says that there is a shitoh that if a Yid was mekaneh the avodah zarah unintentionally, with the intent to be mevatel the Avodah Zarah, he did not acquire it and one can be mevatel it.


    So….your answer to my question is that the question was worth asking. Intention and what one actually does do make important distinctions. And Avraham wouldn’t have to be executed for smashing the idols in his dad’s House O’ Dieties.


    Just wanted to mention that the Medrash Rabbah does refer to Rochel Emainu as a ganef or gazlanit (I don’t recall) based on the posik in chumash.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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