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    Normal or not?!?!? Maybe everyone who I think is my friend is really doing chesed with me….

    How do I know if I’m tone deaf or not? Maybe all the compliments are fake but I don’t realize it


    Nobody is normal. And dishonesty is not chesed.

    Listen to different tones and see if you can hear the difference.


    I know I’m not tone deaf because I have a very nice voice and I recorded a lot of songs for school, different people asked me to record a song for them and I had lead solos in all the choirs that I was ever in. But how do I know if people are just doing this so that I should feel good about myself or if they’re doing it honestly cuz they like my voice?


    You are probably not normal like most people.
    If you tell us where we can hear you singing then everyone in the CR will probably be glad to give you honest feedback.


    Chaver- according to your name, your a guy, it’s kol isha


    “But how do I know if people are just doing this so that I should feel good about myself or if they’re doing it honestly cuz they like my voice?”

    Start a part-time business giving singing lessons (for women only, of course). If you get rich from it, that will prove that you’re a talented singer.


    Haha dbt you got me there 🤗


    Daddysgirl, when you hear other people sing, do you like some voices better than others? How does yours compare?


    Daddysgirl did you ever hear someone get up and sing and do a bad job again and again. If the people that tell you to sing are friends [not family] then probably you do a beautiful job. Especially if you are asked by random people to sing on their recordings.🎵🎤


    Let’s say what you are worried about is true what do you care? just keep on singing and let everyone continue to fake like it and you will be happy anyways this is an “alma SeSheker” even this post is sheker my name is sheker as how could it be Purim a whole year.
    Maybe you are not Daddys Girl?

    So who cares


    One of my major fears in life is that I am actually severely mentally disabled (albeit somewhat high functioning, as I am capable of holding a job) but that everyone is hiding it from me.

    The Wolf


    Agree with Agantz, it is not relevant. It is not something you should worry about.l (unless you plan on releasing an album and you want to invest) And any case, why don’t these ‘chesed people’ do those very chesed compliments etc to other ones as well?
    BTW, regarding Kol Isha, according to many poskim, if you don’t know the girl, men should be permitted to listen to a recording, especially if done just for testing purposes or business related, etc

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