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    Recently Sinai Reform Temple of Bay Shore NY closed its doors. It was a reform Temple.

    We ended up selling some of the stuff to local churches real cheap and donated other things to nonprofits.

    NOBODY WANTED THE LIBRARY BOOKS!!! We couldn’t even give them away. As a last resort the Temple was going to throw them out in the garbage. I rescued them. The library books, the children classroom books and prayer books.

    There asre at least 600 books and that’s the problem. Due to the weight and sheer size it is impossible to transport them.

    I tried selling them in the Long Island Craigslist and Ebay.

    I clearly stated that the purchaser will have to pick them up.

    The only real response was from someone who sight unseen said that they would give me $50 sight unseen. That price was an insult. I sold about 25 books to an Orthodox Rabbi for $100. He agreed that they were worth more but he couldn’t spend any more. A week later I see some of them on Ebay for a lot more money.

    So here I am with 600 books + and i need to get rid of them. I want $375 which is both fair and very cheap.

    The books are from a reform Temple. Selling them 1 at a time is too time consuming. I have someone who is selling some of my books and we are spiting the profits but i just want to get rid of them.

    I have 1 person who will give me the $375

    but they want me to hold the books until Aug. 1st. I just can’t hold the books that long because of space. His people came from Brooklyn to inspect the books and said the price was very fair but they would need a cargo van to move them. I wouldn’t take the money.

    Any suggestions?




    sort them into types of books. Sell them in smallish shippable lots.


    You need to find someone who will sell them for you on ebay or other internet websites, on commission. Anyone who buys used books in volume is looking to sell them and make a profit so all he will offer you is pennies on the dollar.


    Thank you for your reply. I guess that’s why the Orth.

    Rabbi looked at the books and too some of the ones that he felt that his Yeshiva / synagogue could use and sold the duplicates.

    Unfortunately all the books are mixed up. The books were thrown in boxes. Books about the Rebbee were in the same box as

    antisemitism etc. No order what so ever. Barry


    At the wholesale level uncatalogued used books have almost no commercial value. If your willing to invest the effort to sort them and the time to wait for a willing buyer you might make some money back.


    Do you happen to have these books in that collection.

    Book of Daniel: Shield of the Spirit, by Rabbi Moshe Alshich, Feldheim publisher.

    Book of Iyyov: A Celestial Challenge, by Rabbi Moshe Alshich, Feldheim publisher.

    Shem MiShmuel, by Rabbi Belovsky

    Ruach Chaim, by Chanoch Levi


    Bookstores are going out of business because people are not reading books as they use to. Now many people read via e-books which they download. The books you have religious and have a small market. The Reform prayer books are only good for another Reform synagogue and they as a movement are dying out with their synagogues closing or merging. The reason you got them in the first place is because the Reform synagogue couldn’t find a buyer.

    In Brooklyn, NY Jewish Orthodox used books such as the Talmud are sold in the back of stores and on the street for between $1-5 per volume just to give you an idea of the marketability of used religious.


    try they buy and sell jewish books


    Dash—thats not true in the Jewish religious book market. There are completely different metrics than the mass used book market

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