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    hi i would like to know how u loke on a singer and tell yes hes a great singer (by voice? by talent?) let me here your opinion

    yossi z.

    As a music analyst, I look at a singers accuracy, lung capacity control (you can tell this by how they sing), accuracy and fluency of the instrumentals, flow of both the singer and instrumentals, compatibility of the lyrics to the instrumentals, and it goes on.


    You would think the most important thing is his the sound of his voice, but the ability to control his voice his important as well, as is stage presence. Here is my opinion. Can you “here” it?


    I can think of several ways:

    If he is the subject of “whats wrong with music today” when mechanchim call an assembly

    If his songs are used to lead off “2nd dance”, (at 100+ decibels, naturally)

    Of course, there are the serious songs that make you cry (the one that comes to mind is Shvartze Volf)


    Control, feel, tone, and technique; in that order.


    One more critera to add: goosebumps. This past Shabbos, the baal tefila sang Mimkoimcho that was so good, the feeling was almost tangible.

    For a split second, I was able to “hear” that tune being sung the by the voices that sang the same tune back in pre-War Europe.

    Doesnt happen often, but when it does, its to the credit of the baal tefila


    Control and tone is very important. I personally feel that in jewish music today (which i do love anyway), there is too much of a focus on getting the people who can hit the highest notes, regardless of if they have pleasant sounding voice and good control over it. There are even kids choirs (i.e. yeshiva boys choir) that have a lot of screaming to hit high notes in which some of the kids are probably damaging their voices (and NO, most of them do NOT get proper voice lessons, so those who think they do-youre wrong). There is a difference between screaming and singing. A very good jewish singer who has exceptional control who DOESNT scream or go crazy high is Ari Goldwag. The guy has a smooth, beautiful voice with excellent control and tone. Again, I do love almost all jewish music, these are just things that I personally wish were a little different. Im NOT bashing jewish music, I listen to it all the time.


    If it doesnt grate on my ears, I’m ok with it.


    Do you like his voice? Then he’s good.


    Who says you need to judge?


    How do u judge a singer if hes good? [sic]

    Why would I want to judge a good singer?

    ED IT OR

    If you are still enjoying it after 3mins


    There are enough good singers out there that I’d rather hire someone who shows up to the gig with a smile on his face, a good attitude and who is reasonable to work with than someone whose name people recognize.

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