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    How do we know that…

       a decision of the past is true

       my decision of the past is true?

       my current decision is true?

       my assumptions are true?

       global assumptions are true?

       what I hear is spoken?

       what I see is there?

       that the truth is true?


    We don’t know.


    Another classic one is how do we know that other people think?


    they dont



    We don’t know about true or false, I leave that to the programming.

    Dim Assumptions as Global

    if True=True Then

    False=False And (What.I.Hear=Spoken) And (What.I.See=There) And Assumptions(True)


    Frightening Thought


    If Not : = ) Then : = (




    How do you you know you exist?


    How do we know that we aren’t all figments? Figments exist, as they can be mentioned.


    Many things can be mentioned yet dont actually exist. What are you trying to say?

    Anyway, we all KNOW we exist. We dont need proof. You can prove to me that I don’t exist, and I’ll still know I exist.

    Inasmuch as I exist, Someone had to put me here. I KNOW that too (same kind of knowledge, but fortunately theres plenty of proof.). And Who should I trust more about the truth then Him?

    So yes, we can know that the truth is the truth.

    (That was longwinded maybe, but I still left out a lot of the in between reasoning)



    How do we know that… what I hear is spoken? what I see is there? that the truth is true?

    don’t worry, sonny, there are many other schizophrenic people


    cogito ergo sum (I think therefor I am ) just that whoever needs Descartes to tell him that he exist is probably a bit touched. or french


    Whack yourself really hard. Does it hurt? There’s your answer.


    maybe you imagine the pain

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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