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    Singles, how do you remain sane throughout all the insanity?

    Practical ideas would be helpful 🙂





    I almost broke.. but its good to keep busy. 🙂

    When I do go broke, Im gonna start jogging.

    Then after that, Ill have lost weight so Ill have to go shopping..


    i found 7 habits by Covey helped me a lot – kept me focused on providing for my emotional, physical, spiritual self and setting goals for myself. and doing fun things once in a while.


    what do the single folks do,

    to perk up themselves and get through,

    how do they spend their day until the wedding comes,

    oh, what do the single folks do?

    sorry, i’m not as talented as many of you guys are; but 2 points to anyone who knows what song i’m trying to sing. (and from what movie)




    Pumper: an ez solution! TRUST IN HASHEM! because whatever he does to u … and whatever stage you are in right now…. is simply the BEST for you! im”h you’ll get married trust me… everyone get there! someone a little earlier than the other. and when u get married life starts…. so enjoy your time being.. not everyone gets this quality time. married life may be at times hectic. and if you have extra time… use it to get closer to hashem. to build a relationship with him! daven, say tehillim… or even talk to him with your own words! in this zchus may your find your zivug bkuriv momish! s/o really matchy & good for you. p.s. i am also still single.and it’s proven to get going happy! 🙂 one day will post our mazel tovs on the CR! enjoy!


    binahyeseira –

    “What Do the Simple Folk Do?” from Camelot


    “everyone gets there”

    this is false


    “when u get married life starts….”

    Now that is sad.

    I dissagree.

    Life is NOW.

    I think that attitude is one of the reasons its so hard for ppl to remain single. U only get one lifetime.. U might as well start living it.


    Thanks everyone for your advice!

    2021- OMG! That’s exactly me! Too bad that my bank account can’t support my being single any longer! Guess its time to get married…

    apusheta- thanks for your words of wisdom. Whenever I am feeling low, I remember that Hashem knows what’s best for me, and there is nothing holding Him back from sending me my bashert at the right time! But sometimes its just soooo hard! I really admire those older singles who are able to remain sane after so many years of this!


    Pumper, everyone was once single. And everyone had to go through their own nisayon to find their bashert. Sometimes twice. It only looks easy from the outside and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Not everyone has a happy marriage or an easy marriage.

    So the best thing to do to keep your spirits up is to remember that Hashem is by your side and the right one will come at the right time. Count your blessings in the mean time and do what YOU need to do to get your end result. Many young women found that if you daven for someone else to find their bashert, and they daven for you, both your prayers get answered.


    apushetayid: well said. i actually miss the closeness i had with Hashem at that time. (but, no, i don’t want to go back to that stage. 😉 )


    Spirits up?

    By me, it is more of an issue to keep my spirits down. After 10-15 spirits, it can get hard.


    kgh – you’re the winner! 🙂

    i was getting nervous that i sung too off-key and no one could tell the tune or i was too old, and no one had watched the great musicals anymore. 😉



    I totally agree with you. Sometimes I feel like we were brought up in a way that singles feel like they are in limbo. There is soooo much emphasis on marriage, marriage, marriage! we were always taught how to treat a husband, how to raise kids etc. but no one mentioned what to do as a single. This makes girls think that there is no value in a single girl who is not married, taking care of husband and children.

    I try to remind myself that I should take advantage of the time I have now to do things I wont be able to do once married… that life could be meaningful and fulfilling even as a single…


    How do I keep my spirits up, you ask?

    Quite simple. I put them on the top shelf, try not to drink from them too often (because then there’ll be none left), and make sure they don’t fall down and smash.

    Of course, I like wine better than spirits, but if it’s spirits you want…

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