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    I saw the thread about applying makeup on shabbos so with a bunch of three day yomim tovim coming up i decided to try my luck with this question too.

    How do you ladies get your makeup to stay on for shabbos day and yom tov- like second day? my family doesnt use shabbos makeup for touch ups so any other tricks or tips??? I’m desperate for a good idea!



    Why is hiding your face with makeup different than wearing a burka?

    yaakov doe

    WIY – It’s supposed to have the opposite effect of a burka, but doesn’t always.


    Use 24 hour makeup. Sleep on your back so it doesnt rub off into your pillow.

    Shabbos morning usually only my eye makeup is still on…


    WIY- Makeup enhances your face, burkas most definitely do not! 😉


    He was being sarcastic but it’s kind of an interesting twist…


    Use a sharpie for eyeliner

    Shopping613 🌠

    Whats a burka?

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    The scarves that Muslim women wear that covers their faces.


    Oh you guys, poor girl is just looking for tips, so here is one. I use Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original(there are a few other colors, but this a basic skin tone color}. I use it to prime my eyelids, so the shadow holds on better. I use it during the week as well, and there is a major difference then just putting on the shadow on a bare lid.

    You wanted something for the 3 day Yamim Tovim, though. I am luckly, if my makeup makes it to Shabbos afternoon.

    Also, if you see someone who manages to keep their makeup on, ask them for tips & products, that they use, and find helpful to keep makeup before Shabbos.


    Use a satin pillowcase. Use a long lasting felt tip eyeliner- I feel like even if everything else rubs off the eyeliner still makes you look “made up” AND DON’T RUB YOUR EYES


    why on earth would anyone put felt tip on their face??? I’d hate to imagine what the chemicals in long lasting felt tip would be doing to the skin by your eyes! I’d prefer to look “bad” without makeup than use long lasting felt tip as eyeliner….!


    1) Wash your face with a very gentle cleanser fitted to your skin type. If you have oily skin, try an oil free cleanser, and if you have dry or sensitive skin, look for a gentle cleanser.

    2) Use a moisturizer all over your face. For oily skin, buy an oil free or gel moisturizer, and for dry skin buy a more nourishing one. Make sure if you have oily skin, the moisturizer has a “matte” look to it. Make sure to get a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 in it to protect you skin from the sun, or a separate SPF 45 if you live in a sunny place. If you are older, you can use a moisturizer with anti-wrinkle properties.

    3) Primer is key: A primer is the trick to having make up that stays throughout the whole day. An excellent choice is a primer by either ‘Estee Lauder’ or ‘Smashbox’ as these two brands definitely help to keep your make up intact, while keeping in the nutrients from your moisturizer. Another which is favoured by make-up artists everywhere is by ‘MAC’. Some primers can get a little pricey but they are almost always the better ones-plus, you don’t need to use very much for a good finish. Apply the primer throughout your face, especially over sore, red areas, oily areas, and any blemishes that you want to cover. A cheaper alternative for oily skin would be the L’Oreal: Studio Secrets Mattifying Primer. It’s cheaper yet just as effective. This is also a great primer for keeping the shine off your face all day.

    4) Use an eye primer, Urban Decay has a very good and popular one. It makes your eyeshadow last longer and prevents creasing in the lid. Also, it makes colors seem more vibrant and less translucent. A liquid concealer would work for this also. When dealing with eyeliner(pencil), you can also try using the same colored eyeshadow to also “set” in in a way that setting powder helps foundation last longer.

    5) Do not waste money on mascara primer. Just get some waterproof or smudge proof mascara. They work just as well. Mascara primer weighs down your eyelashes, making them look shorter. Do buy a waterproof mascara, it will last longer and won’t budge if you happen to get wet or cry. Just make sure you don’t sleep with it, as it will clump and make your lashes fall off.

    6) Use a Translucent setting powder. It’s simply a clear or very lightly tinted face powder that sets and mattifies your face without the added cakeyness (or coverage) of a coloured powder. A drugstore one will work just as well as one from a high-end brand.

    7) If you don’t want to use a liquid foundation, you should get a mineral powder instead of foundation. This gives lighter coverage then liquid, but it will also trap fewer bacteria in your skin and will allow your face to breath

    8) For lip color use a long-wear but make sure to moisturize your lips properly before applying as long-wear is very drying.

    9) Apply your make up as normal.


    You know how you put an over coat on nail polish so it stays on for longer? so put a clear over coat on your face with something like… glue. 🙂


    bruchi basically said it all, but wash your face well, moisturize more than usual and lots of primer, especially on eyes. put on more eyeliner than you would usually. and if you don’t have a satin pillowcase, a silk slip (like you would wear under a skirt) pulled over your pillow works like a charm. the elastic (meant for your waistband) keeps it on the pillow and a slip is about the same length as your pillow. i do this every shabbas and always still have eye makeup on.

    Stock Trader

    Do a fake tan so when your makeup wears off your not left looking too pale. When you apply your makeup do foundation & eyeliner, wait a bit, and then do another layer of each on top.

    Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner lasts well.

    When youve finished applying the makeup, spray hairspray over your face and neck (from arms length distance). (Ive never had a problem doing this so please dont start posting its unhealthy etc etc. If you dont want to do it, dont!! But some of us are fine with it!!!)

    Satin pillow case. And sleep on your side with your face on the edge of the pillow, not your whole side of your face pressed into the pillow otherwise it will all come off!! Good luck !!!


    Thanks everyone.

    And for the non-marrieds, how do you keep in hair in shape? I blow-dry it beautifully and when I wake up the next morning it looks a shreck!

    Any ideas?


    I think it has to do with what your hair is like… Mine usually is pretty ok when i wake up!

    And whats a shreck?


    Thanks a ton for these tips! i already do many of them and still dont have great luck with it!

    the hairspray trick shoud be interesting- does this work like the “model in a bottle”?

    keep the tips coming! maybe SOMETHING will work really well!


    Make aliyah, so the only 3 day chag you’ll have to worry about is Rosh Hashana. Problem solved.


    Better idea than hair spray on the face is to buy translucent powder and to apply it all over the face after applying makeup. Also Mac has a setting spray that you could spray on your face that’s inexpensive. You could do both but don’t use hair spray on the face. I don’t know what’s in it but must likely it’s extremely unhealthy and besides your face is left sticky.


    Smart as they come: I have a friend whose family made yerida; her hair, which was straight in Israel, became curly in America.


    Hairspray trick really works btw! It sounds weird, but kinda genius. I only do it for my eyes though 🙂


    Hairspray trick really works btw! It sounds weird, but kinda genius. I only do it for my eyes though 🙂


    You spray hairspray AT YOUR EYES?!?!


    Model in a bottle works well. Hairspray is the ghetto version.


    my wife told me to say that she tries very hard to stay face up the nights when she knows she needs her makeup to stay and in the morning her makeup is usually still on

    also for lipstick, use liplock- 2 coats make it stay beautifully


    Hi BP girl. A lot of people ask me how my makeup stays on all shabbos, so I am glad to share the products i use and tips…i use Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation (it’s like a small aerosol can, avail in CVS or any drug store), and like others already wrote, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is amazing (Sephora). then any eyeshadow on top should be fine(i use Covergirl). Eye liner: urban decay pencil is great, but i found a cheaper alternative (since i go thru eyeliner like water), in CVS: Milani Liquid Eye (it’s not liquid, it’s liquid-like eyeliner pencil). Mascara: Covergirl lash blast, I use waterproof and it stays on really well. Now, the next step (which is really important)is to sleep on your back and keep your hands away from your face (do not touch your eyes). If you cant sleep on your back, sleep in a way that only the side of your head (edge of cheek) touches the pillow. You can use a silk pillow case (or slip), but i never found a difference with/without one. In the beginning it might be a little hard to change your sleeping position but you’ll get used to it after a few weeks. For hair, it really depends on the type of hair you have, but try sleeping with it pulled to the side. And lastly but definitely not least, when I apply my makeup on erev shabbos and before I go to sleep friday night, I ask Hashem that my makeup should stay on for the entire shabbos. Hatzlacha! Let us know if these tips work:)


    GM1 Thanks! i do the last part too( the davening but doesnt always work! 🙁

    gonna try everything else over next few weeks bln and lets see what happens!!

    tnx everyone!


    1-What lipstick and technique is best for lips that literally drink the lipstick?

    2-What foundation product and technique is best for skin that literally drinks the foundation?

    Even before I go to sleep on Friday night, already my makeup almost disappears.


    @ groisnaches: I guess it really depends on your skin. Maybe have a consultation with a makeup artist and she can tell you what products and techniques would work. Good Luck!


    Mac has a great spray called Fix+. Use it after you put on your makeup. Definitely helps.


    I use Rimmel ScandalEyes eyeshadow stick and it lasts FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!! Whenever I put it on it lasts like three days even if you shower with it (obviously the shower doesn’t apply to Yom Tov but you get what I mean — hope this helps!!!!!!


    GM1 (thanks for the recommendations ;-), and others, what specific brands (lasts longest) do u use for



    concealer, and

    face powder (I think loose powder probably works best for preserving makeup, is there something better than the MAC loose powder)?



    Lip color is not going to stay on overnight, much less for 3 days, so don’t even bother trying. If you use good quality makeup for the rest, and don’t touch your face, and sleep on your back, you will probably be ok.

    As for hair– my hair is curly, and I used to just run my fingers through it in the morning to settle frizzies etc. If it’s really bad, just put it up!


    Oh, and as for brands, I like Arbonne for everything. Pricey but well worth it!

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