How long before Y"T does your house become Pesachdik?

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    When do you “turn over” and start eating Pesachdik meals?

    Feif Un

    It depends on what day of the week Pesach falls out on. If it’s towards the end of the week, we’ll turn over the weekend before. This year, when it’s a Monday night, we’re not even sure yet exactly when we’re going to turn over.

    As it is now, my entire home is done except for the kitchen and dining room.


    It doesn’t.

    We close up shop and go to my sister for Yom Tov. Bless her!

    always here

    Feif Un~ I have the same exact answer (comment). 🙂


    I think this thread should be banned. It’s such a dangerous question. Think of the repercussions..

    always here

    ZeesKite~ I can understand how this thread can be disturbing.

    for years when all my children were younger/living at home, & I worked, & my husband worked full days/late hours, we would finish up for Bedeket Chometz late in the night.. & be covering counters & tables erev Yontif. but– as has been said to death- we all sit down to the Seder at the same time.

    I almost feel like I’m cheating… I have a girl coming over 2-3 times a week, doing one complete room a day [spring cleaning].. & I’m not ‘down in the trenches’ cleaning my fingers down to the bone. (thank G-D for self-cleaning ovens, too).

    I’ve been reading all your posts (PLEASE get more sleep!!!!) & I’m sure, that for the removal of all the chometz from your home & life, you will be rewarded, iy’H.

    stay strong, but don’t make yourself crazy! 🙂


    I used to have a derisive attitude toward those who extended pesach’s 7 or 8 days into two weeks or more. The year that I started to bake matzos, we did the kitchen four days early so that I was able to bake in the home oven ( broiler on max on a hot granite.) Since then, I realized that it is a huge bracha to glide into yom tov besimcha with little stress. It also helps to cook plain stuff for the hungry hoards, an go easy on cooking for the seder because nobody is that hungry after eating shiurim and caustic maror.


    This year – next Wednesday.


    Depends. When’s soif zman achilas chometz this year?


    We turned over 3 weeks ago. We’ve been eating only baked potatoes since then. I can’t wait for that matzo and marror.


    no wonder you were sad that adar was over – it wasn’t the lack of drinks, but rather the lack of food!


    we will probably be kashering from sunday a week! we’re very calm about these things!


    always here:

    We sleep little to avoid those terrible nightmares. Of Pesach arriving with 8 (out of our 7 rm apt.) rooms to do.

    (Didn’t know anyone’s following me around)


    as of today, i defrosed my freezer, and working on finishing the playroom. next week we’ll work on the dining room iy”h. blessed are the pesach kichens……..


    Well, my freezer broke down twice, and I lost HUNDREDS of dollars of chicken, meat, etc. the first time (two weeks ago), and probably about $100 worth this time (today), as we had not finished shopping for Pesach. we thought the freezer was fixed (and I have a wonderful repair guy), but obviously something new is wrong. It’s an old freezer. So in addition to all the Pesach cleaning, I had to find a way to fumigate the house from the smell of the spoiled food. it took a week. I am trying to stay very calm now (my pressure has to stay low), but I am not a happy camper. Let it at least be a kaparah. Otherwise we are fairly ready, and I expected to turn the kitchen over this Motzai Shabbos, and eat pizza all week.


    We start cleaning round Chanukah time. 2 weeks after Purim, the whole house ( including the kitchen is done).

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Who turned over already?


    when do guys start going to retaurants for supper?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    when you offer to pay for it.


    too long before…

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