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    How long should a yeshiva bachur stay in Beis Medrash before going to a college full time. (not that you have to but if you are in a non college affiliated beis medrash and want to get a degree)


    For your entire life. First as a talmid, then perhaps a teacher. Perhaps as a Baal ha-Bayis. A Beis Midrash is to a frum yid what the local pub is to a goy – a focal point of one’s life.

    Do you really plan to give up being frum at some point if that is what you need for parnassah? Since that seems to be what you are asking, you should spend more time learning since you haven’t realized that a Baal ha-Bayis can be frum.


    Until he knows enough to be solid in his Yiddishkeit in the outside world and/or as long as he can afford it, depending on circumstances.


    @akuperma i didnt mean drop out but if you dont want to go to kollel you might have to get a job at one point of your life and if you want to have a chance at paying tuition for your kids yeshiva it better be a pretty decent job and most of those require a college education


    From vasikin to tikkun chatzos.


    opinions anyone


    until your rebbi tells you to


    I would tell you forever but I see others here have mentioned that.

    If you are really bent on leaving at one point then you need to establish with yourself a few things. 1) a Rebbe that you are close with that you can ask him anything. 2) the skills to able to learn by yourself and the knowledge how to navigate through learning. 3) enough emunah and yireh shamayim/spritual drive to last your life to get you past all the tumah out the there. Good Luck. Probably easier for stay in learning 🙂


    as long as you are in yeshiva for the right reasons then you should be able to know yourself and know when you are ready to leave and i dont mean that in a bad way being in yeshiva cause you want to even if ur not learning the whole day is still a good reason as much as all the balei habatim would like to argue but ultimitly it comes down to honesty and asking a rebbe

    hope i didnt sound to cynical in this post 🙂

    live right

    why is everyone always trying to get out of making their own decisions? what do you feel is right for you?


    Why not look into a yeshivas that allows part time college while still staying in the Beis Medsrah as well?


    live right -he wouldnt have to ask us if we would just tell him to do what he feels is right the reason he posted this was to get other ideas


    If you do leave Yeshiva plan well for it. Make sure you set up a daily chavrusa. Have a Rebbe you can call whenever you need to discuss an issue and have a Rav to call for halacha shailos that come up. Also make sure you have a chevra of good frum guys that you keep close to because it’s very easy to befriend the wrong people once you are in college and the business world. Also make it your business to always daven with minyan. That’s one of the things that keeps you shrark and once that goes well…. Your hashkafah and yiras shomayim better be solid or else you are in for trouble out there. I don’t know your age but if you are learning shrark at this time and are under 22 and don’t have to leave then don’t. If it can be pushed off push it off.


    If you plan on long term full time learning it is even more imperative that you have a plan for solid accomplishment and contribution to Klal Yisroel. Resources for long term full time learning are limited, those who have those precious “seats” have a tremendous responsibility to accomplish and contribute maximally.


    There is a time in every bochur/yungerleit life when they discover that learning full time in yeshiva has diminishing returns. That is DECISION TIME!! If the decision is to continue on a reduced learning schedule with time for vocational/educational/internship in a parnassah, then seek advice and plan for it.

    Staying in yeshiva with no passion, desire or accomplishment is the worse decision ever. BH presently there are many mosdos, yeshivos, programs that combine secular and learning or Educational endeavors in a ‘workable environment’.


    I can give you an answer based in halakha.

    No problem with learning full time for a few years, then going to college and learning part time, and learning while working. This way, you can support a family, not become a burden to others, and continue growing in learning.

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